Building planning / Village planning

Side views of the planned children’s houses, created by our Tanzanian architect Fredy Kapota (Status December 2021).

Arrangement of houses on the plot (Technical drawing Fredy Kapota, Status December 2021).

Excerpts from the present technical planning approaches of the Hans-Sachs-Berufskolleg (HSBK) Oberhausen for the buildings of the later children’s village “Angaza Children’s Village” in Lutindi under the direction of Dipl.-Bau-Ing. Georg F. Terbeck (teacher at HSBK and ZAC board member).

Photorealistic planning scenario of the children’s village, fitted in the original topography of the building plot.

Photorealistic planning proposal of the children’s homes in the original environment of the property.

Photorealistic planning of the village buildings in the original environment of the property. View from the community house to the children’s houses.

Photorealistic building design in the original environment of the building plot. Side view of community house.