We are building the “Angaza Children’s Village” in Lutindi/Tanzania in the Tanga region.

We, the Zebras Active Community e.V. (shortform ZAC), have a fixed plan: we will finance, build and future-proof a protective and nurturing children’s village for up to 60 particularly disadvantaged children in Tanzania.

A building plot of more than 20 acres with the title deed 15172, on 18.06.2020 documented in the Tanzanian land register on our Tanzanian NGO “C.B.R.O.”, is already available to us for this purpose in the village community of Lutindi, Tanga region, in the north-east of Tanzania. It is located in a biodiversity hotspot on the edge of the East Usambara Mountains at an altitude of 1,430 metres. The land was made available to us by the Tanzanian MeTL Group, one of the largest employers in the country.

Side views of the planned children’s houses, created by Fredy Kapota, our Tanzanian architect

We want to ensure that the children – mostly orphans – in their new village in small family groups lovingly cared for, healthy food and supplied with all the important things for a happy, healthy childhood can grow up. But not only that. In addition, we would like to take on a piece of important socio-political responsibility by providing impulses that sustainably improve the future prospects of children.

So she wants to finance the ZAC not only the school education, which is partially paid in practice, and help them with learning. Rather, the adolescents should also be able to recognize and develop new life chances in the children’s village itself. This against the background that professionals, especially in the craft, in Tanzania are urgently sought and have a good future forecast.

For the state-recognized vocational qualification of adolescents after school, a well-equipped teaching and training workshop will be created within the village area (see picture under “Financial Planning”), where the children can learn manual skills in the field of metalworking. ZAC not only provides and finances qualified instructors on site, but also uses the training and offer of the HSBK-Oberhausen to actively support the apprentices in the field of technical advanced training. Also, a sewing shop, in which the production of textiles is learned on a small scale, is planned.

In addition, the children in their village when farming agricultural land and in livestock husbandry by taking over practical work on the village farm practice. If everything goes according to plan, the village will be able to earn even small trade income through the production and sale of its own products, so that it will financially support itself to a certain extent.

The guiding principle of the ZAC in all its activities is to provide the children with self-reliant, peaceful, economically sound and ecologically sound action in a protected environment. This is what we mean by sustainable help for self-help for a dignified future.