About us

In May 2016, eight founding members of the Zebras Active Community e.V. (ZAC) met. Their ambitious aim was and remains to establish a children’s village in the East African country of Tanzania. The idea itself was part of a previous endeavour. Our idea of this project is based on profound background.

Since 2014, some socially engaged supporters of the German football club MSV Duisburg finance an orphanage and two street football teams in Tanzania. This is a unique story of its own and originates from a rather coincidental trip around the world. A supporter of MSV Duisburg went on sabbatical leave for a year and travelled around the world. His first stop was in Africa, where he met people from an orphanage in Dar Es Salam. By means of social networking, MSV supporters started a surprising aid programme from which a reliable partnership with the orphanage established. Since then, some success has been made for the local children: Infrastructures have been improved, the orphanage has been extended, and a car has been found and shipped to Tanzania. Any many things more. Thanks to generous donations, the street footballers have also gained new perspectives.

Image of the orphanage that is financially supported by supporters of MSV Duisburg since 2014.

This commitment left the impression of the particularly difficult living conditions of especially underprivileged children in Tanzania. based on the idea of Holger Glücks, founder of ZAC, it had been decided that a completely new children’s village has to be built in another location. Supported by local guardians, we want to make it possible for up to 60 children to grow up in a protective and responsible environment.

MAP Angaza children's Village Lutindi

The aspiration of our project is to provide a good and secure haven for these children. In addition, we would also like to give these children the opportunity to gain access to education, which is partly subject to fees in ordinary Tanzania, and to stimulate the future perspectives of these children by opening access to apprenticeships. All our activities aim at capacity building. In this case, ZAC acts regardless of religious or political orientation.