Kennzahlen, Protokolle, Berichte Geschäftsjahr 2020

Annual report fiscal year 2020 (January 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2020)

January 2020
MSV-fan and entrepreneur Michael Plängsken, Wesel, takes over the sponsorship of the planned playground in Angaza Children’s Village.

March 2020
ZAC e.V. is having another 50 apple trees planted in Lutindi on the grounds of the elementary school. MSV fans have sponsored a tree for each tree. Some trees have been dedicated to MSV legends.

April 2020
The FIEGE Logistics Foundation & Co. KG, Greven, donates an earmarked amount of 10,000 Euros for the construction of the energy house for the future supply of the children’s village with solar power.

June 2020
The women from the “Lutindi Cultivation Project”, which we founded, are resuming work on the fields that were completely destroyed last fall and are cultivating the fields again. There will be a rich corn harvest later in the year.

August 2020
Completion of the sewing room at Lutindi Mental Hospital with 10 workstations. In the future, socially disadvantaged women will be trained here in tailoring and they will also be able to make products that can be sold to improve their own living situation. At the same time, the sewing room will also be used for occupational therapy for patients of Lutindi Mental Hospital.

September 2020 
The soccer field we had built in 2019, which was destroyed by the storms last fall, will be leveled and compacted with heavy equipment. 

September 2020
The second golf charity tournament “Golfer helfen” can be held on a smaller scale than originally planned, despite the Coroan conditions. In the end, over 10,000 euros will be raised for the project work of ZAC e.V.

November 2020
The newly levelled soccer field will be fixed all around with a natural stone wall, so that a renewed rinsing should be prevented.

November 2020 
ZAC e.V. is having a bridge built over a stream that swells strongly during the rainy season, so that the children’s way to school is safe.

December 2020
The Lions Hilfswerk Duisburg Concordia e.V. donates 1,000 Euro to the ZAC e.V.

December 2020
The planted 100 apple trees bear the first fruits, so that the first harvest can be expected in about 4 weeks. 

December 2020
The ZAC e.V. finances a Christmas party for about 400 children in Lutindi, which is organized by our NGO C.B.R.O. MSV fan Willi P. donates 120 stuffed animals and large quantities of sweets, while other MSV fans send parcels with presents for the children to Lutindi.

December 2020
At the end of the year, the already traditional ZAC Christmas party with all children from Lutindi took place in Lutindi, hosted by our local NGO “C.B.R.O.”.


List of companies and individual that contributed to more than 10% of the overall donations in the fiscal year 2020:

Michael Plängsken, Wesel                                                                          Euro  3.000,00

FIEGE Logistik Stiftung & Co. KG, Greven                                                Euro 10.000,00

LBH Netherlands B.V., Rhoon/NL                                                              Euro   1.000,00

Margarethe Schulte, Olpe                                                                            Euro 1.000,00

Lions Hilfswerk Duisburg Concordia, Duisburg                                            Euro 1.000,00

Krohne Messtechnik GmbH, Duisburg                                                         Euro 4.000,00

Rheintank GmbH, Duisburg                                                                        Euro  2.000,00

Family Eller, Duisburg                                                                                 Euro  2.000,00


Exemptions notice from the German tax authority

Freistellungsbscheid 2020