Dangerous condition of Tamota Primary School

In the context of the renewal of school furniture by the ZAC at the Primary and Secondary School in Lutindi, we received a report from Ombeni regarding the dramatic conditions at the Primary School in Tamota, one of the five villages of Lutindi. The pictures speak for themselves and clearly show the dilapidated condition of this building. In the first step we have taken care that the exchanged tables and chairs from the primary school will be refurbished and brought to Tamota. Even that is already a step forward for this school.


But actually this construction, which in our opinion is extremely dangerous for the children, should be torn down as soon as possible and replaced by a new building. At the moment, however, we do not have the funds to do this. We would therefore be very pleased to receive earmarked donations under the keyword “New Tamota School”. According to our estimation, we think that we could build a new, decent school there with a capital investment of calculated 20,000 euros. 


Procurement of school furniture for the primary and secondary school

The Primary School in Lutindi is an old building in need of renovation. Nevertheless, the school serves its purpose and is still in an acceptable condition compared to other schools in Lutindi Ward (the umbrella term for the five villages that make up Lutindi). However, the condition of the school furniture was such that it was time to replace it.

Thanks to donations from MSV fans and a large donation from MSV fan Peter Schürer, we were able to commission new chairs and new tables for a total of two schools here in mid-February 2021 (140 tables and chairs in total). These were completed in August 2021. Half of these went to the Secondary School, as the headmaster’s call for help drew our attention to the lack of school furniture. There were more pupils than workplaces. The other half went to the Primary School.

The discarded chairs and desks of the Primary School were completely refurbished (by the residents themselves) and given to another school in Lutindi Ward in the village of Tamota after we became aware of the dramatic school situation there. The situation is so dramatically bad that we see great dangers for the integrity of the school children (more on this in the submenu “Situation Tamota Primary School”).