Our Tanzanian NGO “Children Base Reinforcement Organization” – Shortform “C.B.R.O.

In order to conduct legal business in Tanzania as ZAC e.V., it required an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) established in the country.

Non Governmental Organizations (NGO/NGO), sometimes referred to as civil societies, are organized at the community, national and international levels to serve specific social or political purposes and are cooperative rather than commercial in nature.

There was the option of entrusting an existing NGO to carry out our tasks, or of creating our own NGO. We opted for our own NGO for practical reasons.

In February 2018, our NGO, named the Children Base Reinforcement Organization (short form “C.B.R.O.”) which was registered with the Ministry of Community and Development, Gender and Children on 19/01/2018 under document number 0009479.  met for its inaugural meeting in Lutindi. 

The current Board of Directors consists of the

  • Chairman of the Board Rogers Shehumu
    (Controller at Lutindi Mental Hospital,
  • Vice Chairman Petro Godson Makange
    (ex World Vision employee),
  • Florence Paulo Shemndolwa
  • Margareth Momburi
    (regional politician),
  • Melkizedek T. Mrema
  • Ombeni Peter Ayo (C.B.R.O. manager).

Our official office is located in the premises of the Lutindi Mental Hospital. After initially moving into a very small office, due to the expansion of our team with our accountant Evaline Vincent Raphael, who has been part of the team since November 2020, there was a move to a larger office in the same building, which we have prepared ourselves. 

Charity Golf Tournament 2021 “Golfers Help”

For the third time, the law firm Kanzlei am Kaiserberg, under the leadership of Ronny Jasinski, hosted the golf tournament “Golfer helfen” (golfers help) for the benefit of the ZAC project work. The tournament, which has become a tradition in the meantime, takes on a family atmosphere because many golfers and sponsors have been participating since the first tournament.

Around 70 golfers were again at the start, including former MSV Duisburg players such as Marvin Compper, Werner Schneider, Ferry Schmidt, Rainer Schütterle, Erdal Keser, Rudi Seliger and Peter Neururer.

Despite adverse weather conditions, some outstanding results were achieved on this tournament day. Our special thanks go to the organisers, sponsors and golfers for a successful tournament that raised over 12,000 Euros for our project work. The golfers won great prizes and in some cases improved their handicap.

Bridge to the property

The way to our 91,000 m² building plot leads over a creek, which can carry a lot of water in the rainy seasons, and then goes quite steeply over our self-made path, which is about 1.3 km long and which we still have to develop into a road, to our building plot. 

In order to turn the path into a road and to allow construction vehicles to reach the property, we first have to build a bridge over the stream at the foot of our path that can also be used by trucks. The bridge was planned with a length of twelve meters and a width of 5 meters. The first construction works started in June 2021. After completion of the structural work, the bridge had a length of 25 meters and a width of 5 meters. 

Now, the construction work to extend our road to the property to road width over a length of 1.3 km can be started so that heavier transport vehicles with construction materials can also reach the property.


Dangerous condition of Tamota Primary School

In the context of the renewal of school furniture by the ZAC at the Primary and Secondary School in Lutindi, we received a report from Ombeni regarding the dramatic conditions at the Primary School in Tamota, one of the five villages of Lutindi. The pictures speak for themselves and clearly show the dilapidated condition of this building. In the first step we have taken care that the exchanged tables and chairs from the primary school will be refurbished and brought to Tamota. Even that is already a step forward for this school.


But actually this construction, which in our opinion is extremely dangerous for the children, should be torn down as soon as possible and replaced by a new building. At the moment, however, we do not have the funds to do this. We would therefore be very pleased to receive earmarked donations under the keyword “New Tamota School”. According to our estimation, we think that we could build a new, decent school there with a capital investment of calculated 20,000 euros. 


Procurement of school furniture for the primary and secondary school

The Primary School in Lutindi is an old building in need of renovation. Nevertheless, the school serves its purpose and is still in an acceptable condition compared to other schools in Lutindi Ward (the umbrella term for the five villages that make up Lutindi). However, the condition of the school furniture was such that it was time to replace it.

Thanks to donations from MSV fans and a large donation from MSV fan Peter Schürer, we were able to commission new chairs and new tables for a total of two schools here in mid-February 2021 (140 tables and chairs in total). These were completed in August 2021. Half of these went to the Secondary School, as the headmaster’s call for help drew our attention to the lack of school furniture. There were more pupils than workplaces. The other half went to the Primary School.

The discarded chairs and desks of the Primary School were completely refurbished (by the residents themselves) and given to another school in Lutindi Ward in the village of Tamota after we became aware of the dramatic school situation there. The situation is so dramatically bad that we see great dangers for the integrity of the school children (more on this in the submenu “Situation Tamota Primary School”).


Lutindi Mental Hospital

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To play the pictures in large size please click on a picture

Kennzahlen, Protokolle, Berichte Geschäftsjahr 2021

Annual report fiscal year 2021 (January 1st, 2021 to December 31st, 2021)

November 2021
Contract awarded to Tanzanian architect
In mid-November we handed over the order to adapt the construction plans for the children’s houses prepared by HSBK-Oberhausen to Tanzanian building law to our Tanzanian architect Fredy. Fredy will then submit the building application.

November 2021
New object sponsor
Rainer Pastoor, Duisburg, takes over a 50% partial sponsorship in the amount of 2.500,– Euro for the garage, part of the construction phase II.

November 2021
First volunteer in the service of C.B.R.O.
In mid-November, a Tanzanian student began her service with us as a volunteer, initially until mid-2022. She will be specifically assigned to develop, monitor and promote our infrastructural side projects.

November 2021
Renovation and installation of a new office space for the C.B.R.O.
With the hiring of our accountant, a larger office became necessary and was provided to us by LMH. The renovation was done immediately and also the furnishing with new, functional office furniture.

October 2021
Final talks with the DBHW on the establishment of an eye clinic in Korogwe in the town hall of the city of Duisburg
After a long period of preparatory work, a final meeting was held with the German Aid Society for the Blind (DBHV) between the two boards of directors to discuss the last steps for the realisation of an eye clinic in Korogwe. The still missing commitments of the governmental and ecclesiastical side in Tanzania were discussed as well as a possible cost sharing. ZAC agreed to provide a significant part of the equipment and to finance it partly from its own funds, as the situation in the Tanga region with regard to the widespread disease “cataract” is in urgent need of a counteracting treatment option. Our NGO “C.B.R.O.” will obtain the still missing commitments from the state and the church, so that nothing should stand in the way of the project implementation.

As soon as the eye clinic will officially start its service, the fixed costs will be taken over in full by governmental and church institutions and the purchased equipment will become Tanzanian property. ZAC e.V. (C.B.R.O.) will take over the administration. 

October 2021
New staff member at our NGO “C.B.R.O.
With Helena Mushi (25), C.B.R.O. has defined its first permanent employee. Helena is a trained tax specialist and her main task will be to do the bookkeeping required by the state for NGOs and also to prepare the balance sheets of the past years. In this way, we meet the requirements for the operation of an NGO, which are stipulated by the state. This government requirement also includes the change of the existing fee contract with Ombeni into an employee contract, which will be implemented by the end of the year. This means that ZAC has two employees on the payroll, for whom taxes and social contributions, such as health insurance, are also paid.

October 2021
Second presentation of our project work to Rotarians in Schloßpark
The second Rotary Club in Oberhausen under the leadership of President Dotzauer was also a great success for ZAC e.V.. Altogether, according to the result of the internal talks announced there by Michael Bülhoff, the Rotarians will provide us with 150,000 USD in a sum from regional support packages of the Rotary Clubs, Rotary-International and a donor from Hameln, which will mainly go towards all investments in our vocational training centre. 

September 2021
Project presentation at the Oberhausen Rotarians
At the beginning of September, we were given the opportunity to present our project work to a larger audience in a presence event (with additional live broadcast). We received a promise from the Rotarians about extensive funding for our project.

September 2021
Commissioning of a Tanzanian architect
On the basis of the board’s decision, the trades for the construction of the children’s village will be assigned to a general contractor. For this purpose, we will commission a Tanzanian architect to revise the existing building plans (adaptation to Tanzanian building law) and to search for a suitable building contractor. Before awarding the contract, alternative offers will be examined. At the beginning of September, the first architect contacted received our documents and has already visited the property.

August 2021
Delivery of school furniture to the two local schools
We had a total of 150 desks and 150 chairs produced regionally for the two local schools (Primary and Secondary School), which were handed over to the students at the end of August 2021. The headmasters have committed not to charge parents for the use of the furniture.

August 2021
Charity Golf Tournament “Golfers Help”
For the third time, Kanzlei am Kaiserberg organised this charity golf tournament for the benefit of ZAC e.V., with net proceeds of over 12,000 euros.

June 2021
ZAC is one of the winners of the Town & Country Foundation Award 2021
For the fourth time, ZAC is named as one of the winners of the Town & Country Foundation Award. The foundation prize is endowed with 1,000 euros.

June 2021
Completion of the “ZAC-Bridge
The road to our construction site is interrupted by a wider creek, which can carry a lot of water during the rainy season. To ensure that our future children’s village can be safely connected to the site and that construction vehicles can also access our plot, we have planned to build a bridge at this point. This was completed in mid-June 2021 with a length of 25 meters, a width of 5 meters and two flow tubes. It is also gladly used by the villagers on their way to fetch wood in the forest.

May 2021
Completion of the “Bridge of Solidarity
To ensure a safe way to school for the children of the Primary and Secondary School, ZAC e.V. had a fixed bridge built over the creek, which can become a danger spot on the way to school during the rainy season.

May 2021
School feedings
The already released funds for the sustainable support of school meals for the two schools in Lutindi will now be used at the beginning of June after the end of the small rainy season with the procurement of seeds, farming equipment and the preparation of the farmland provided by us. Here, the two schools can now grow their own food to supply the students. ZAC is consistently following the path of agroforestry. This approach will also apply later to the children’s village’s own farm.

May 2021
Completion of the sewing program
Last year, thanks to the donation of the Weltladen Duisburg-Rumeln, we purchased a total of 10 sewing machines, renovated a room in the Lutindi Mental Hospital for the purpose of converting it into a sewing room, and had seating and a large cutting table built. In February, we hired a trained tailor to teach the single mothers and patients of the Lutindi Mental Hospital the craft of tailoring. On 04.05.2021 the time had come. The final theoretical and practical examination was due, which in the end all passed with flying colors. Well done ladies. The project will be continued in this form in order to create an opportunity for single mothers to earn additional income and to enable the patients of the LMH to receive occupational therapy. The picture shows a part of the women with their given test result. 


April 2021
Personnel changes on the Executive Board
The co-opted board members Si-yeun-Hammerbacher and Georg F. Terbeck retired from the board as scheduled after their two-year co-opting period had expired. Nico Hoerster, Wuppertal, was co-opted as a new board member for the next two years. He had already been in Lutindi with the first HSBK travel group when he was still a technical student.

February 2021
Bridge of solidarity for a safe way to school 
In February, we were able to complete the “Bridge of Solidarity”, as it was named by the donating MSV fans in reference to the well-known Duisburg bridge structure. This enabled us to defuse a dangerous creek crossing for the schoolchildren, as the creek can swell considerably during the rainy seasons and was only passable by means of loosely laid boards.


January 2021
School furniture donation
ZAC e.V. responds immediately to a call for help from the principal of the newly built Secondary School. There is a shortage of 75 desks and pupils, without which already registered pupils cannot attend classes. In the end, a collection of MSV fans makes it possible to place a production order for the missing school furniture (here is a picture from the Secondary School with identical school furniture). The delivery is expected for May 2021.






List of companies and individual that contributed to more than 10% of the overall donations in the fiscal year 2021:

Peter Schnürer, Voerde                                                                                      €  2.000,–
DK Recycling und Roheisen GmbH, Duisburg                                                   €  2.000,–
Town & Country-Stiftung                                                                                     € 1.000,–
Family Bernardina and Hilmar Eller, Duisburg                                                    € 1.000,–
Rainer Pastoor, Duisburg                                                                                    € 2.500,–
Margarethe Schulte, Olpe                                                                                   € 1.000,–


Exemptions notice from the German tax authority

Freistellungsbescheid 2021-003

Establishment of a community sewing room

Last autumn 2019, the Weltladen Duisburg-Rumeln donated 2,000 euros to ZAC e.V. for the purchase of 10 sewing machines for our planned project “Sewing Room”.

That presented us with the big problem of which women we can provide this limited number of sewing machines without causing something like envy within the community among those who can not be considered.

We have, we believe, brought about a good solution. With the director of the Lutindi Mental Hospital, Dr. Marwa, on whose premises our Tanzanian NGO “C.B.R.O.” also has its headquarters, we reached the following agreement:

the hospital will provide us permanently and free of charge with a room suitable for the installation of 10 sewing stations, in which the machines will be installed and the sewing stations set up. The room will be renovated and prepared at our expense. In this room we offer sewing courses for interested women from Lutindi, primarily women who are socially disadvantaged. At the same time, female patients of the hospital can be trained here as seamstresses within the framework of occupational therapy.

In addition to the idea of training, the sewing machines can also be used by the women for their own sewing work. The keyword here is “sewing machine sharing”.

We as ZAC also provide an initial supply of necessary cloth and sewing materials. This is to be used to make typical products from typical fabrics of the country (e.g. scarves, capes, shirts). The products can then, according to the offer of the Weltladen Rumeln, be sold in the world store and 50% of the proceeds go to the sewing women and 50% to the chronically underfunded Lutindi Mental Hospital.

We had the roof of the assigned room repaired, walls plastered and brightly painted. In Dar es Salaam, ten sewing machines of different types (butterfly and electric) were purchased in advance and transported to Lutindi. A carpenter built a large cutting table. 

In February 2021, the first training series began with a group of 8 by a tailor specially hired for this purpose. Further groups will follow. After that, independent work can begin and we can consider the project complete.

A nice opportunity for the women to improve their living conditions and for the Lutindi Mental Hospital to start a new therapy.

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“Bridge of solidarity” for a safe way to school

Lutindi (translated from the Swahili language: “village in the clouds”) consists of five individual villages with a total population of around 3,000 people, from which the children sometimes have to travel long distances to get to the primary school or the newly built secondary school. 

In the rainy season, this route is dangerous for most of the children, because at one point they have to cross the small creek, which can turn into a raging torrent, especially during the two rainy seasons. The last rains have now given the rest to the existing “bridge”, which was defined by the simple laying of loose wooden boards. This “bridge” must be crossed even by smaller vehicles.

The constant efforts of the villagers to get this cobbled-together something not to fall apart permanently voluntarily were often blessed with only short durability. Here, we quickly realized, we needed a solution, and a durable one at that, and one that was specifically safe for the children.

So we gave our ZAC representative in Lutindi, Ombeni, the order to build a solid and thus safe little bridge, which, according to the wish of our supporters from the MSV environment, should be given the meaningful name “Bridge of Solidarity”.

Materials were immediately procured in nearby Korogwe and transported to the mountains, the creek bed was laid at short notice and two stable concrete pipes were laid along the direction of flow of the creek. The whole was then covered with a stable concrete slab and the flanks were again filled with material.

On February 16th, 2021, the “Bridge of Solidarity” was inaugurated with great participation of the community, school children and important political persons.

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