1,000 flowering trees for Lutindi

In mid-May 2022, the 1,000 saplings of native tree species were planted on the newly built road to the Children’s Village construction site with the help of the students of the Lutindi Primary School.

Half of the trees planted were the yellow-flowering Markarema lutea (rosewood tree) and half were the blue-flowering Jakaranda mimosfolia (sial tree). Both varieties belong to the now rarer native woody plants. By planting these trees, we are not only helping to prevent erosion, but also actively contributing to the protection of species, nature and the environment. 

As a thank you, Ombeni received a T-shirt from the World Permaculture Association, which accompanied the planting campaign. The trees were delivered by the “Friends of Usambara-Society”, which has been working for years in the Usambara Mountains to breed rare native trees.

But there was more than just planting. The children were also given an on-site lesson on nature conservation and the importance of preserving native species. And everyone had fun.