Becoming a sponsor

As a sponsor of ZAC e.V., our project convinced you in such a way that you want to support us over a longer period.

The annual minimum membership fee is € 201, if you want to donate more, you are free to do so.

If desired, you and/or your company will be named as sponsor on our website. Moreover, as sponsor, you also subscribe to our electronic newsletter, which inform you about the latest events and news about the project. The newsletter is issued at regular intervals.

You can donate by creating a permanent remittance order for bank transfer to our account, using “Supporter Umbele Children’s village” as reference or by using the direct debiting for the bank debit memo below.

If you decide to use the permanent bank transfer option, we require your name, address and e-mail address if you would like to receive our electronic newsletter.

Your donation is tax-deductible . We will send you a confirmation of your donation at the beginning of the following year (only for German sponsors)

I herewith entitle ZAC e.V. to withdraw the specified amount from my/our account.