April 2022
Confirmation received from MeTL
After a good 8 weeks, we have now received the release permission from the owner of our leased land, which was still required by the building authorities, in order to be able to begin with the construction work. Now we can proceed with the preparation of the land, more precisely with the terracing for the first children’s houses, with which women and men from the community are helping as day laborers.

April 2022
Delivery of a cargo tricycle
Donated by fans of MSV Duisburg, a cargo tricycle with a tipping loading area was purchased in mid-April for the upcoming construction work. The diesel-powered vehicle has 22 hp at 1,200 cc and can load up to 3 tons.

April 2022
Unnecessary delay in construction
The building permit for the children’s houses by the Tanzanian authorities has been granted, but we cannot start construction yet because a simple formality has been missing for weeks. As the owner of the leased land, the MeTL Group has to give a formal approval to the building authorities, but this has still not been received. This means that we are entering the big rainy season, which is not conducive to construction work. We hope that this purely administrative process will be completed in the short term on the basis of our existing contracts within the MeTL Group

April 2022
Medical equipment for Tanzania
For the construction of an eye clinic in Korogwe we were able to pick up two complete refraction units from donors in Alpen/Niederrhein and Eschweiler ourselves via the Oberhausen Rotarian Michael Bülhoff. Together with a cardiological treatment unit for a clinic in Arusha, which was added later, we prepared them via container for sea transport to Tanzania via our friendly forwarding company AStrans in Bottrop. 

March 2022
The bookkeeper, who was permanently employed until November 2021, is terminating the existing employment relationship for personal reasons. A replacement is being sought.

March 2022
Our co-opted advisor Michael Bülhoff flies to Tanzania for 1 week to have talks with the head of VETA in Tanga about a possible cooperation in the after-school, vocational training sector. The aim is to build up a training center in Lutindi, where training in two or three trades will be provided under the direction of VETA (solar technology, carpentry and agricultural technology), with ZAC providing the premises and teaching materials. The talks on site are positive. The aim is also to organize a long-term exchange of teachers and students with the Hans-Sachs-Berufskolleg (HSBK) in Oberhausen (learning from each other). Before that, however, the responsible ministries must approve such a pilot project.

February 2022
At our request, the construction plans for the children’s houses were expanded by our Tanzanian architect to include a kitchen area. The roof construction was also adapted to improve the expected indoor climate. 

January 2022
The responsible Tanzanian ministry, which issues operating licenses for children’s homes, has approved our submitted construction plans.

January 2022
We have taken over Ombeni Peter Ayo, who has been our coordinator on site for years on a fee basis, into the employment relationship and extended the contract for a further term.

January 2022
The new contents of the Articles of Association approved by the General Meeting were entered in the Register of Associations by the Duisburg Local Court on January 13, 2022.




December 2021
Kapellmann und Partner Rechtsanwälte, Mönchengladbach, takes over property sponsorship for children’s house number 3
The law company, which is represented throughout Germany and is known beyond its borders and specializes in construction law, took over the object sponsorship for the “Kapellmann House” in December 2021 as part of a Christmas campaign lasting several weeks, in which Kapellmann’s clients participate.

November 2021
Contract awarded to Tanzanian architect
In mid-November we handed over the order to adapt the construction plans for the children’s houses prepared by HSBK-Oberhausen to Tanzanian building law to our Tanzanian architect Fredy. Fredy will then submit the building application.

November 2021
First volunteer in the service of our NGO
From November 2021 until probably July 2022, the student Mafunda Masoud Saidi will supervise and also further develop some side projects for us in Lutindi. Mainly she will work on the “Single Mothers Cooperation”, the sewing project and the school feeding project.

November 2021
Moving into the new C.B.R.O. office
With the hiring of our accountant Evaline, it had become necessary to move into a larger office, which was kindly provided by Lutindi Mental Hospital right next to our old office. C.B.R.O. took care of the renovation of the room itself (see slideshow under the heading “C.B.R.O.), so that Evaline could move into the new office in mid-November and immediately start training with the new accounting program.

October 2021
Final talks with the DBHW on the establishment of an eye clinic in Korogwe in the town hall of the city of Duisburg
After a long period of preparatory work between the two boards of the association, a final meeting was held with the German Blind Relief Association (DBHV) to discuss the last steps towards the realisation of an eye clinic in Korogwe. The still missing commitments of the governmental and ecclesiastical side in Tanzania were discussed as well as a possible cost sharing. ZAC agreed to provide a significant part of the equipment and to finance it partly from its own funds, as the situation in the Tanga region with regard to the widespread disease “cataract” urgently needs to be counteracted. Our NGO will obtain the still missing commitments from the state and the church, so that nothing should stand in the way of project implementation.

October 2021
New employee at our NGO “C.B.R.O.
With Evaline Vincent Raphael, C.B.R.O. has defined its first permanent employee. Evaline is a trained tax specialist and her main task will be to do the bookkeeping required by the state for NGOs and also to prepare the balance sheets of the past years. In this way, we meet the requirements for the operation of an NGO, which are stipulated by the state. This government requirement also includes the change of the existing fee contract with Ombeni into an employee contract, which will be implemented by the end of the year. This means that ZAC has two employees on the payroll, for whom taxes and social contributions, such as health insurance, are also paid.

October 2021
Second presentation of our project work to Rotarians in Schloßpark
The second Rotary Club in Oberhausen under the leadership of President Dotzauer was also a great success for ZAC e.V.. Altogether, according to the result of the internal talks announced there by Michael Bülhoff, the Rotarians will provide us with 150,000 USD in a sum from regional support packages of the Rotary Clubs, Rotary-International and a donor from Hameln, which will mainly be used for all investments in our vocational training centre. 

September 2021
Project presentation at the Oberhausen Rotarians “Antony Hütte”.
At the beginning of September, we were given the opportunity to present our project work in a face-to-face event (with additional live broadcast) in front of a larger audience. We received a promise from the Rotarians about extensive funding for our project.

September 2021
Commissioning of a Tanzanian architect
On the basis of the board’s decision, the trades for the construction of the children’s village will be assigned to a general contractor. For this purpose, we will commission a Tanzanian architect to revise the existing building plans (adaptation to Tanzanian building laws) and to search for a suitable building contractor. Before awarding the contract, alternative offers will be examined. At the beginning of September, the first architect contacted received our documents and has already visited the property.

September 2021
High-ranking visitor in Lutindi
21.09.21 was a memorable day for the community of Lutindi and also for our NGO “C.B.R.O.” and ZAC e.V.. District Commissioner Mrs. Basila Mwanukuzi, the highest ranking politician in the Tanga region together with important district representatives, visited Lutindi at the invitation of Ombeni and used the occasion to inaugurate the Angaza Bridge to our property. Mrs Mwanukzi also officially handed over the school furniture to the two schools.  In addition, she visited our property and informed herself about our project, the construction of Angaza Children’s Village, visited our sewing project and informed herself about the Single Mothers Cooperation that we have initiated.


August 2021
School Feeding” Project Starts
The fact that people basically have to suffer hunger is as unacceptable as it is reality. That hunger is also not a good teacher is a fact that can hardly be discussed. In order to ensure daily school meals for the students of the two schools in Luitindi, we have jointly decided that we, as ZAC, will provide the schools with plots of land on our building land for their own cultivation, on which teachers can grow maize, beans, vegetables and fruit together with the student body. In addition to the land, we have also financed the necessary farming equipment and seeds. In August 2021, work began in the fields and the whole school was enthusiastically at work. We hope for a bountiful harvest.

August 2021
Charity Golf Tournament “Golfers help
On 06 August 2021, the “Kanzlei am Kaiserberg”, under the lead organisation of Ronny Jasinski, invited to the traditional golf tournament “Golfers help” for the benefit of our project work. A good 70 golfers answered the call in partly difficult weather conditions and played in excellent results. Once again, many former MSV Duisburg players were among the golfers, such as Marvin Compper, Rudi Seliger, Werner Schneider, Erdal Keser, Ferry Schmidt and Rainer Schütterle. 

In the end, more than 12,000 euros were raised for ZAC e.V.. A great result. We are looking forward to seeing you again in 2022. More pictures can be found on our homepage under the heading “Aktionen – Golfturnier 2021”.

June 2021
Town & Country Foundation Awards
For the fourth time, ZAC is one of the winners of the Town & Country Foundation Prize worth 1,000 euros, which was presented to us by our sponsor, Hausbaumanagement Nolden GmbH, Geldern. We are very pleased about this and say “thank you”.

June 2021
Start of the road construction measure
The existing forest road to our property needs to be passable for heavier trucks due to the upcoming Phase 1 construction work. With the completion of the ZAC Bridge, this work is now underway. The road will be constructed to double width and excessively tight curves will be alleviated. The side of the slope will be intercepted and planted to prevent erosion, and rain drains will be installed to prevent washout.

June 2021
Completion of the “Angaza-Bridge”
The road to our construction site is interrupted by a wider creek, which can carry a lot of water during the rainy season. To ensure that our future children’s village can be safely connected to the site and that construction vehicles can also access the site, we have planned to build a bridge at this point. This has been completed with a length of 25 meters and a width of 5 meters and two flow tubes in mid-July 2021. It is also gladly used by the villagers on their way to fetch wood in the forest.

May 2021
Completion of the “Bridge of Solidarity
To ensure a safe way to school for the children of the Primary and Secondary School, ZAC e.V. had a fixed bridge built over the creek, which can become a danger spot on the way to school during the rainy season.

Completion of the sewing program
Last year, thanks to the donation of the Weltladen Duisburg-Rumeln, we purchased a total of 10 sewing machines, renovated a room in the Lutindi Mental Hospital for the purpose of converting it into a sewing room, and had seating and a large cutting table built. In February, we hired a trained tailor to teach the single mothers and patients of the Lutindi Mental Hospital the craft of tailoring. On 04.05.2021 the time had come. The final theoretical and practical examination was due, which in the end all passed with flying colors. Well done ladies. The project will be continued in this form in order to create an opportunity for single mothers to earn additional income and to enable the patients of the LMH to receive occupational therapy. The picture shows a part of the women with their given test result.

Changes in the Executive Board
The co-opted board members Si-yeun Hammerbacher and Georg F. Terbeck left the board team on 01/04/2021 after their term of office expired and are no longer available for further board work. We would like to thank the outgoing board members for their personal commitment.
With Nico Hoerster, a new board member was co-opted on 27.04.2021 for an initial period of two years. Nico Hoerster has already gained experience on the ground in Lutindi, as he was part of the first HSBK delegation that visited Lutindi on the occasion of a work assignment.

“Bridge of solidarity” for a safe way to school 
In February, we were able to complete the “Bridge of Solidarity”, as it was named by the donating MSV fans in reference to the well-known Duisburg bridge structure. This enabled us to defuse a dangerous creek crossing for the schoolchildren, as the creek can swell considerably during the rainy seasons and was only passable by means of loosely laid boards.

January 2021
School furniture donation
ZAC e.V. responds immediately to a call for help from the principal of the newly built Secondary School. There is a shortage of 75 desks and pupils, without which already registered pupils cannot attend classes. In the end, a collection of MSV fans makes it possible to place a production order for the missing school furniture (here is a picture from the Secondary School with identical school furniture). The delivery is expected for May 2021.

As in the last years, the ZAC e.V. organized the by now traditional Christmas-Ceremony with all children from Lutindi, which was organized by our Tanzanian NGO “C.B.R.O.”. Some fans of MSV Duisburg had sent Christmas presents to Lutindi and brought great joy to the children there.

Construction of a small bridge for a safe way to school
During the rainy season, a small stream in Lutindi swells to a dangerous watercourse, which poses a latent danger especially for the children on their way to school. We are replacing the previous simple crossing over the stream by a few unanchored wooden planks with a stable small bridge consisting of three concrete pipes. These will be laid crosswise in the bed of the stream and later lined with a concrete ceiling.
This will provide a safe passage for the children even during the main rainy season. The bridge will be named “Bridge of Solidarity” after its completion, analogous to a well-known Duisburg bridge.


Continue building sports field
The maintenance and extension work on the Lutindi sports field was continued in November. To secure the lateral flanks of the playing field, a surrounding stone wall was erected to prevent the playing field from being washed away in heavy rain and to create a boundary to the swamp.

Completion of the project “sewing room
With the completion of the large cutting table all work in the newly built sewing room is finished. Now we will be looking for a trained seamstress as an instructor for a few months, who will pass on her skills to the women who will be trained. In a first step we will teach 10 women from our program for single mothers the tailoring trade to strengthen their social base. 

Annual General Meeting of dess ZAC e.V.
On 28.10.2020 the annual general meeting of the ZAC e.V. took place under the influence of the corona pandemic with low participation.
The acting board of directors as well as the cash auditors were unanimously discharged and confirmed in their office for another two years. The co-opted member of the board Katja Zühlsdorf resigns from office at her own request due to professional stress. A follow-up regulation did not take place yet.

Charity golf tournament a great success
The golf tournament “Golfer helfen” (“Golfers help”) organized by Kanzlei am Kaiserberg for the benefit of ZAC e.V. at the “Golf & More” course in Duisburg-Huckingen was a success story for ZAC e.V., just like last year.

Due to the Corona regulations Corona the field of participants had to be reduced to 60 golfers. Nevertheless, due to a good preparation, a result for the ZAC of about 10,000 Eruo could be collected. Our thanks go to all sponsors and golfers, but especially to Ronny Jasinski from Kanzlei am Kaiserberg as well as to Thomas Maaßen.

Construction work continues on the Lutindi Sports Field
After severe storms had completely devastated the almost completed sports field in autumn 2019, work resumed in mid-September to complete the final completion. Drainages and a wall of natural stones are to prevent the field from being washed out again. Final completion is expected at the end of August 2020.

Sewing room before completion
The sewing room with a total of 10 sewing machines donated by Weltladen Duisburg-Rumeln is nearing completion.
The room in the building of the Lutindi-Mental-Hospital was renovated and the machines are installed. Only small things like chairs and a big table for the cuttings were missing, but this is also already in progress. Now the training of the seamstresses can be started.

Successful coin collection campaign
The coin collection campaign for the 2019/2020 season has come to an end. Thanks to the coins collected by MSV fans and donations from MSV fans and also the donation from S-Bargeldlogistik in Mülheim/Ruhr, which has been counting and exchanging the coins for us pro bono for years, a handsome € 1,950.50 was collected. The 2020/2021 collection campaign was automatically launched at the end of this campaign.

Registration in the land register completed
In September 2018, we signed a contract with MeTL-Group, Tanzania’s largest employer, for the transfer of an approximately 90,000m² plot of land owned by them, on which we later intend to build the “Angaza Children’s Village”.
After endless and tenacious efforts, on 18.06.2020 (!) the registration of the land in the Tanzanian land register was finally completed.
Thus, legal security has been created for us and nothing else stands in the way of building on this area except Corona.

New C.B.R.O.-Chairman elected
Rogers Shehumu, who has been accompanying our project for many years as a board member of our Tanzanian NGO “Children Base Reinforcement Organization” (short form C.B.R.O.) was elected as the new chairman of the board of the C.B.R.O.

The Josef Fiege foundation, Greven, donates an earmarked amount of 10,000 Euros for the construction of the energy house for the future supply of the children’s village with solar power. We are already in discussion with Tanzania’s MOBISOL to equip it with precisely tailored solar units, depending on the individual requirements of the various trades.

Financing of a pig farm
Due to the Corona crisis, food prices in Tanzania exploded very strongly. In order to continue to provide the people of Lutindi with access to affordable pork meat, we have purchased 20 young pigs as the basis for our own breeding program, which will be settled by the women of our “Cultivation Program”. We hope to have up to 50 pigs by the fall. All pigs were donated by fans of the MSV Duisburg.

Extension of the apple-growing project
After we planted the first 25 apple trees in Lutindi last year, another 50 apple trees of mixed varieties were planted in early March 2020 on the grounds of Lutindi Primary School, which we ordered from Tamu Tamu Apples in January.

Sewing machine donation from the world shop Rumeln
In autumn 2019, committed women from the Rumeln world shop donated earmarked money for the purchase of 20 sewing machines for our project work.
The sewing machines will be purchased on the occasion of our trip to Tanzania in May 2020.
The Lutindi Mental Hospital headed by Dr. Marwa provides us with a room free of charge, in which ten sewing places are set up. On the one hand, women from Lutindi can be trained to be seamstresses; on the other hand, the mowers are also available to the patients of the hospital as part of occupational therapy. The trained seamstresses can also use the machines for wage work. The offer of the world shop: traditionally sewn Tanzanian products can later be sold in the world shop Rumeln/Germany. Half of the proceeds go to the seamstresses and the Lutindi Mental Hospital.
Jutta Harig and her colleagues from the world shop Rumeln, Käthe Gentner, Ingrid Hoffmann, Eva Weger and Annelie Wildraut01/2020
Apple tree project 2020 started
After the great success in planting 25 apple trees in 2019, all of which survived the severe storms at the end of 2019, we have placed an order for a total of 50 apple trees for the current year, which will be delivered and planted in February 2020. As in the previous year, there are tree sponsorships for the apple trees ordered. In addition, we will fence in the planting area to protect against animal bite.


Big Christmas party in Lutindi
The already traditional ZAC Christmas party in Lutindi has been given a new frame. For the first time, in addition to the regional supporters of the project, all children of the primary school were also invited, and many accepted the invitation. Our Tanzanian NGO “C.B.R.O.” had prepared everything perfectly, rented a hall, provided drinks and food and put together a nice supporting program for young and old. People danced, sang, prayed and celebrated Christmas together. To be continued.

Heavy Thunderstorms in the Usambara Mountains
The heavy rains people can remember in and around Lutindi have claimed lives from October to November 2019, causing major damage to the region’s infrastructure.
Mudslides, rockfalls, destroyed crops and impassable roads have led to much suffering and problems. Our projects are affected as well. The road we built to our property was washed away along its entire length and has to be rebuilt. The harvests for the single mothers on our specially provided plots are destroyed (Cultivation Project). Also on the sports field have incurred great damage. The main traffic route high in the Usambara Mountains is completely destroyed and when this will be re-usable, is not yet clear. Climate change and its consequences have also arrived in Tanzania.

Successful golf charity tournament in favor of the ZAC e.V.
On September 13th. the first ZAC golf tournament took place on “Golf & More” in Duisburg Huckingen, whose net proceeds go to 100% in the project work of the association. More than 60 golfers and sponsors provided revenues of 4,250 euros. Ronny Jasinski as the main initiator and sponsor explained to the award ceremony that this tournament is now being played every year. More details.

Apple tree project completed
In the middle of July, our employee Ombeni was trained at the nursery “Tamu Tamu Apples” in Iringa, about 600 km away. Here everything worth knowing about apple trees was brought to him.
In early August 2019, a total of 30 trees were delivered and planted at the Primary School Lutindi and at Lutindi Mental Hospital. Many helping hands and key political figures attended the first planting of apple trees in the Usambara Mountains on this day. Thanks to all tree sponsors. This completes the project. More pictures in our slideshow.


PAUL system arrived in Lutindi
The PAUL system donated by Count Lions Moers arrived in Lutindi in early July 2019 and was handed over to the local elementary school. In addition, we purchased two 500-liter tanks for receiving process water and the output of PAUL’s purified process water. All three containers are housed together in a walled house.


Annual General Meeting of the ZAC e.V.
On 18.06.2019 this year’s ZAC Annual General Meeting was held in the rooms of the ev. Gemeindehaus on Magdalenenstrasse in Duisburg-Beek.
The Executive Board reported on the results of the financial year 2018 and was unanimously discharged from the general meeting. The motion to amend the statutes was also unanimously approved. The JHV’s official minutes can be found under the heading “Transparency / Fiscal Year 2018”. After the JHV there were two very interesting picture lectures. Markus Visser and Caro reported on their Tanzania trip and the visit to Lutindi and Georg Terbeck gave in his lecture insights into the work of the Lutindi travel delegation of HSBK-Oberhausen.

Clean drinking water for Lutindi
The Grafschafter Lions Club Moers (GLCM) donated us at the end of May 2019 as a donation in kind a so-called PAUL system (Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving). PAUL is a patented water treatment system that uses patented nano-membrane technology to filter out viruses, bacteria and minute dirt particles from contaminated water, turning contaminated water into the best drinking water.
In June 2019, PAUL went on a journey to Lutindi, where it will primarily be used at the local elementary school, but will also supply drinking water to the entire population of Lutindi. So far, drinking water was taken from the local stream, which often led to severe diarrheal diseases of children and other residents. Thanks to the GLCM donation, this is now a thing of the past.
In the picture: Katja Zühlsdorf from ZAC e.V. and Roland Schaffer from GLCM.

C.B.R.O. CEO Zakaria Mnkai in Germany
We met the Chairman of the Board of our Tanzanian NGO, Zakrai Mnkai, during his one-week stay in Wuppertal at the United Evangelical Mission, which has its headquarters there. At the VEM he is working as a program reference for Africa. The given information from Zakaria brought us many valuable impulses and insights, which we can incorporate in our work. Especially in the administrative processes in Tanzania and here especially in the approach to projects in collaboration with the community Lutindi.

Board team expanded
With Katja Zühlsdorf (Public Relations, bottom right), Si-yeun Hammerbacher (Tanzanian affairs, bottom left) and Georg F. Terbeck (Dipl.-Bau-Ing.) we were able to expand the existing board team by adding a technical perspective.

Apple tree project started
We have ordered a total of 30 organic apple trees from a Tanzanian specialist nursery, which will be planted in Lutindi in July of this year. Of these, a total of 24 trees will be placed in a mix of 3 different varieties on the grounds of the Primary School in Lutindi and 6 trees on the grounds of Lutindi Mental Hospital.
These sweet fruits of the apple trees bred specifically for the tropics and subtropics are to serve the children of the Primary School as an important nutritional supplement and also have an educational added value in that the children later take care of the trees themselves. The apples of the trees, which are later moved to Lutindi Mental Hospital, are intended for the patients.


Dipl.-Bauing. Georg Terbeck, teacher at HSBK-Oberhausen, Markus Karrenberg and Steffen Mölder (both technical students at HSBK) flew together with our ZAC activist Si-yeun Hammerbacher to Tanzania for a week on 17.02.2019 to do some accompanying work on the ZAC project continue. The building site was re-measured, trees worth protecting were located and thus firmly marked and there was a basic decision on which part of the area in the future, the buildings of the future children’s village to be built. The collected data is converted into 3D map material and made available to the ZAC. After the trip, HSBK is planning the two tourist lodges as part of a project week.


ZAC participates in the Open House of HSBK Oberhausen
Like last year, the ZAC e.V. participated with an information booth at this year’s open-house of the Hans Sachs Berufskolleg Oberhausen, our most important cooperation partner in all technical questions concerning our construction project. Here, interesting discussions could be held and important contacts made.
In the middle of February 2019, a delegation of HSBK will fly to Tanzania on our behalf to carry out on site in Lutindi important groundwork of a technical nature for our construction project.
In the picture on the left Georg Terbeck, civil engineer (TU) and teacher at the HSBK, who leads the travel group. Left in the picture Mr. Karrenberg, student and project participant.

Soil Test completed

At the beginning of this year, the necessary Soil test (soil assessment) was prepared by the state-owned TanRoad. The soil survey provides clarity on the geological features of the subsoil even before the start of construction and is thus a reassurance for builders. An important prerequisite for the preparation of a soil survey is the knowledge of the exact locations of the later buildings. By means of core drilling, samples were taken at various points of our building plot, from which the expert can make statements about the bearing capacity of the subsoil and the water conditions.


Start of construction sports field Lutindi
After the villagers had already diverted a creek into a joint venture on the site of the future sports field, the ordered bulldozer moved in just before Christmas to pitch the field. The remaining fine work will again be done on an honorary basis by the inhabitants of the village.

Soil test finished
The required soil survey for our construction project was prepared on 28.11.2018 and 29.11.2018 by the state TanRoad (Tanzania National Roads Agency) on our building plot. The soil survey provides clarity on the geological features of the subsoil even before the start of construction and is therefore a reinsurance for us.
In order to create a soil survey, it is necessary to know exactly where the later buildings should be. The soil samples are taken by means of core drilling, from which the expert can make statements on the bearing capacity of the substrate and the water conditions.


“Umbele” becomes “Angaza”
Some attentive readers may already have noticed: The name for our planned children’s village has changed. The name “Angaza Children’s Village Lutindi” has now been changed from “Umbele Village” by board decision. In the future, it will also be used in all official documents that become necessary during project development. We have chosen the new name of the Children’s Village from a variety of proposals that our Tanzanian partner C.B.R.O. had developed. “Angaza” means translated from Swahili into English, as much as “lighten up”, to lighten up in German. Very suitable for our project, which wants to set bright spots in the lives of disadvantaged children. And also easy to speak and write in English and German.

Contract signed with MeTL
After more than two years of intensive dialogue with the landowner, the MeTL-Group / Daressalam, a final version of the property for the construction of the children’s village on the 45,000 m² site in the Usambara Mountains was closed. Registration in the basic register has already been initiated. A show of strength for both partners.

Visit from Tanzania
Florence Paulo Shemndolwa, member of the C.B.R.O. board team from Lutindi / Tanzania, is visiting Germany. Reason enough for a joint meeting, which we had arranged in the Innenhafen Duisburg. There was a lot to talk about at a dinner together with our consultant Si-yeun Hammerbacher. For Flora and us, it was the first personal encounter and we can say that we were immediately captivated by her serene and friendly personality. Flora has made it very clear to us which outstanding significance the ZAC project has for Lutindi and his environment. She even speaks a few words of German, but understands more than she can speak. We were able to learn a lot more about the country and its people and were able to discuss details of our project. We did not want to let Flora drive back to Lutindi without a MSV shirt and gave her one as a small gift. We will not forget this evening so soon.

Copper money collection campaign 2017/2018 a great success
MSV fans collected copper coins for the children’s village project and again proved their passion for collecting. In the end, a good 200 kg of copper coins worth EURO 1,542.07 were counted by S-Cash Logistics in Mülheim / Ruhr and exchanged into hard currency. S cash logistics rounded up to EUR 1,700. In addition, cash donations of the copper money campaign EURO 878.00 went into the bank account of ZAC, so that the action brought in a total of EUR 2,578.00 for the children’s village project, specifically for the construction of the village meeting point. Great.

The collection campaign 2018/2019 has already started.

Completion of the C.B.R.O. office in Lutindi
One of the editions of the Tanzanian Authority was the presence of an official bureau for our NGO “C.B.R.O.” With the Lutheran Church, which owns a room in Lutindi Mental Hospital, a solution could be found quickly and easily. For the equivalent of € 3.75 a month we were given a room, which had to be renovated. The renovation was voluntarily taken over by our Tanzanian NGO board, the renovation materials were taken over by the Lutheran church.

CBRO-LUTINDI-FC is equipped
The fans of the MSV Duisburg collected money and thus equipped the players of the CBRO-LUTINDI-FC with a total of 25 pairs of football boots. Capelli, supplier to the MSV Duisburg, has placed a total of 25 sets of jerseys from the MSV shop (big thank you to Kay Mourhag, Capelli, Christian Tölle and team and fans of MSV Duisburg) with the logo of the new football club, his name and all Back numbers printed. The package will travel to Tanzania in the last week of May. Incidentally, our team won the first test match 2-0. Congratulations!

ZAC e.V. with its own football team in the Tanzanian league
In April, it was decided to set up its own ZAC team through the Tanzanian ZAC subsidiary and NGO “C.B.R.O.” to register for the game operation of the Usambara region, which will in future be scoring points as “C.B.R.O. Lutindi FC”.
Our Tanzanian manager Ombeni puts together a five-strong team of 25 players from each of the five village communities. The ZAC e.V. currently collects football boots in the MSV portal. Complete jerseys are sponsored by the supplier of MSV Duisburg, Capelli.

Multilingual homepage
In the first step, our homepage was created bilingually. Thanks to Dr. Sabine Freyling, who has taken over the translations, our HP is now also available in English. Kiswahili will follow in the next step.

account opening
CBRO, the Tanzanian ZAC NGO, opens a business account in Korogwe / Tanzania. Thus, the financial transactions can be carried out significantly cheaper. In addition, CBRO has created its own Facebook account in English.

Constituent meeting of the CBRO board
Following the founding of the Tanzanian ZAC-NGO Children Base Reinforcement Organization, CBRO’s new board met in mid-February 2018 for its inaugural meeting and also made the first decisions.

Not on the picture is board member Zakaria Mnkai (also Lutindi Mental Hospital), who was currently sent by the Bethel organization to a congress in Germany (Wuppertal). The number of board members of a Tanzanian NGO was given to us by the responsible state authority.
The first step was to create a Tanzanian account with the CRDB bank in nearby Korogwe, so that we do not always have to allocate small individual amounts, which are then expensive in terms of fees. As the official postal address, the CBRO, such a further decision, the address of the Lutindi Mental Hospital is given, in which we will have our own room.

Open House at HSBK, Oberhausen
On 03.02.2018 the ZAC e.V. was a guest at the Open-House of HSBK Oberhausen between 09.00 and 13.00 o’clock. There was also a 45-minute talk with an interesting series of pictures in which the students and the accompanying teacher Dr.-Ing. Sascha Geifes in front of a larger audience about the working trip of the HSBK in November 2017 to Lutindi, Tanzania.
They presented to an interested audience the extensive results of their work and also some exciting experiences. At the end of the talk, there was an intensive round of talks with the attending audience, in which many questions were asked about the project and its progress.

Tanzanian ZAC NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) was founded
After long preparations, the ZAC e.V. received the certificate of incorporation from the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children on 19.01.2018. Thus, the way is clear for the statutory project of the ZAC e.V. in Tanzania, to build a children’s village in the Usambara Mountains in the village community Lutindi. The legally binding contract between the newly founded “CHILDREN BASE REINFORCEMENT ORGANIZATION”, the name of the Tanzanian ZAC subsidiary, and the MeTL Group, which provided the 45,000 m² building plot, can now finally be implemented.