“Euro coins collection rallye”

The loyal collection community PFYC zebras filling the collection 2022.

For all the loyal collectors of copper coins for our project work, we would like to mention the group “PFYC-Zebras”, which is made up of MSV fans and which has also promoted coin collecting in its environment and is active there. Among others, the “Kaufmännische Berufskolleg Walther Rathenau” in Hamborn or the “City administration of Wesel” participated.

But also the colleagues of the public order office of the city of Duisburg have diligently collected coins for the good cause. Chapeau and thank you to all of you.

Chapeau and thank you to all of you.

Small coins – great effect
Think global – act local. This catchy motto also applies to the ZAC, especially when it comes to fundraising for our project in Tanzania. So we also like to make small donations from our immediate vicinity, which can be collected as unbureaucratically as possible. For the ZAC with its hometown of Duisburg that means: in the city and in the region.

Here we collect euro coins of every value, which sometimes inflate so many wallets and are often perceived as annoying in daily payments. Exactly on these little treasures we are keen. After all, many small coins will always end up as valuable euros. “Small cattle are also crap” commented the aptly the vernacular.

Proven idea
We were able to prove that such actions can be surprisingly successful. Already completed group rounds in Duisburg and the surrounding area yielded the following results over the individual years:

Collection season 2017/2018 – result 2.578 euros
Collection season 2018/2019 – result 1.637 euros
Collection season 2019/2020 – result 1.950 euros
Collection season 2021/2011 – result 

Finance a building object together
So now the ZAC “Coin Collection Marathon 2021/2022” has been launched, which will end in mid-2022. We had set ourselves the ambitious goal of using the collected coins to finance, among other things, the construction of a roofed village meeting place for the children. 5,000 Euros have been calculated for this in the middle of our children’s village and this amount has been reached in the meantime. As a next goal, we want to finance the necessary materials and wages for the design of the path area in the children’s village amounting to a good 10,000 Euros through this campaign in the course of the coming years.

Anyone in and around Duisburg can take part in this year’s coin collecting marathon. Whether it’s a canning jar, a piggy bank or a tin can – a suitable container can be found at home in no time at all. So start collecting euro coins now, it’s going to add up! Next summer we will have the collected coins professionally sorted and counted. Of course, the ZAC will then provide detailed information here about what has added up.

Coin delivery in city and region
Where then finally with the coins collected at home? Quite simply bring it to our ZAC collection points, which we have listed below and will also complete. There are spacious containers ready for coin insertion, so that you can get rid of weight anytime in between. Everything that lands here by mid-2020 flows directly into our developing children’s village.

Join in! Rally with us for our Children’s Village project!

Central collection points:

MSV Duisburg Shop in the Schauinsland Travel Arena, Duisburg, Margaretenstr. 5-7

Esso petrol station Huggins & Kroh, near Breitscheider Kreuz,
Am Krummenweg 2, 40885 Ratingen (Lintorf)