Donating time

We require different kinds of help to achieve our goals. Besides necessary financial help, we also require qualified support in the area of non-material ways, especially from people in the Duisburg region. We welcome the following kinds of assistance on the basis of voluntary work or against issuing of donation certificates as stipulated by the German law.

The “Our Supporters” category is specifically dedicated to our supporting partners. It is intended as a platform they can use to present their company logos with link to their own websites.

Get in touch and send an e-mail to

At present, we are searching for:

A lawyer with experience in international contract law, if possible.
Allies that have the power, enthusiasm and the commitment to help us achieve our goals. Fund raising experience would be plus but is not a necessity. The only requirement is that you want to actively help us to achieve our goal.

Becoming an object godparent within the scope of the premium partnership

As object godparent, you are solely responsible for the entire financing of one of our planning projects in the amount as planned/stated, which can be taken from our financial plan. For some objects, we offer part godparenthood. It is up to you to financially support any number of shares.

With your godparenthood, you contribute significantly for a specific purpose to the financing the overall project. Which objects are open for godparenthood can be taken from the individual building phases.

Despite the opportunities that we offer to our premium partners (see menu item “Becoming a Premium Partner”), we document the development of your godparenthood in pictures.

You want to become an object godparent? Please transfer your donation to our account, specifying:

“Object godparenthood (+ object name + share) – ZAC children’s village”

Send us an e-mail with you contact data such as name, address and e-mail address to For your donation as object godparent, we will issue a donation certificate.

Construction phase 1
Available object godparenthoods
Site grading, making the site ready for building: 10 shares for 3,000 € each

Assembly hall with dining hall and sanitary facilities: 5 shares for 5,500 € each

Village kitchen: 3 shares for 3,400 € each

Construction phase 2
Available object godparenthoods
Children’s house number 4: 3 shares for 3,400 € each

Farm shop: 3 shares for 3,500 € each or 1 share for 10,000 €

Home of the village’s head with reception and administration: 5 shares for 3,000 € each

Farm animal stables: 2 shares for 2,500 € each or 1 share for 5,000 €

Pens for small animals: 1 share for 3,500 €

Garage/tool shed: 2 shares for 2,500 € each or 1 share for 5,000 €

Cultivation areas fruit/vegetables + tools: 3 shares for 2,700 € each
or 1 share for 8,000 €

Pavement works (ways) in the village area: 4 shares for 2,500 € each
or 1 share for 10,000 €

Furniture for all houses: 5 shares for 4,400 € each
or 1 share for 22,000 €

Construction phase 3
Available object godparenthoods
Children’s house number 5: 3 shares for 3,500 € each or
1 share for 10,000 €

Lodge number 1 for tourists or volunteers: 3 shares for 3,500 € each
or 1 share for 10,000 €

Lodge number 2 for tourists or volunteers: 3 shares for 3,500 € each
or 1 share for 10,000 €

Training workshop (unsupported hall): 5 shares for 4,000 € each
or 1 share for 20,000 €

Used Off-road vehicle as supply/transport vehicle: 3 shares for 3,400 € each
or 1 share for 10,000 €

Becoming a Premium Partner

You can become a premium partner of the ZAC project by donating a one-off minimum amount of € 2,000 or more.

We offer different options to our ZAC premium partners.

Your link: You can present your company name on our website under the “Premium Partner” menu item. We may link to your company’s website, if desired. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also good publicity for the donator.

Your personal testimonial: We open up our website to tell the world that your company is supporting our project. Complete the sentence of our principle “We donate to this project because …” by using your own words and images. With this, we close ranks and show the world the line of people who are willing to support our project. Contact ZAC for further details.

You company space in ‘Angaza Children’s Village’: We will establish areas where our biggest partners are being presented as premium partners in our children’s village. This means: In future, your company’s logo may shine in Tanzania. To do so, we kindly ask you to provide an unbreakable, weatherproof plate (maximum size 100 x 50 cm with four boreholes). We will take care of shipping it to Tanzania. Contact ZAC for further details.

Your charitable work in the media: It goes without saying that you can use your involvement in our project for your company’s PR, both internally and externally. If you want to use your involvement in the media, there will be someone specified by ZAC as contact for journalists. This contact will be open for any kind of one-on-one interview and/or attention-grabbing images whilst handing over a cheque, for example. Contact ZAC for further details.

You will receive our exclusive photo stories with information about and during the entire building phase, in addition to the electronic newsletter, if desired.

We kindly ask you to transfer your donation to our account with the reference “Premium Partner 2016 – ZAC Children’s Village” and send the following pieces of information (name, address, e-mail address) to our e-mail inbox using

We will be glad to issue a donation receipt for your donation.

Individual Donations

Make individual donations of any amount and determine the way in which you would like to support our children’s village project.

Up to € 200.00, you only need the transfer voucher for the financial authorities to make your donation tax-deductible .
When you donate more than € 300, we will be glad to issue a donation receipt (only for German donators).

Please transfer your individual donation to our account, specifying ‘Individual Donation ZAC Umbele Children’s Village” as reference.


Use the certified online donation form from HelpDirect, by clicking on the picture on the left. You are directly forwarded to the donation form.  For supporting us, you will get your very own personal donation certificate as a little “Thank you” in a separate e-mail. A small reminder for your good deed.



If you have a PayPal account, you can alternatively place your donation by clicking on the donation button below.


Becoming a sponsor

As a sponsor of ZAC e.V., our project convinced you in such a way that you want to support us over a longer period.

The annual minimum membership fee is € 201, if you want to donate more, you are free to do so.

If desired, you and/or your company will be named as sponsor on our website. Moreover, as sponsor, you also subscribe to our electronic newsletter, which inform you about the latest events and news about the project. The newsletter is issued at regular intervals.

You can donate by creating a permanent remittance order for bank transfer to our account, using “Supporter Umbele Children’s village” as reference or by using the direct debiting for the bank debit memo below.

If you decide to use the permanent bank transfer option, we require your name, address and e-mail address if you would like to receive our electronic newsletter.

Your donation is tax-deductible . We will send you a confirmation of your donation at the beginning of the following year (only for German sponsors)

I herewith entitle ZAC e.V. to withdraw the specified amount from my/our account.

Becoming a Member

A ZAC e.V. membership allows you to support and safeguarding our project. As a member, you have a right to vote and can influence our work. You will also receive our electronic newsletter with the latest news and developments at regular intervals.

The annual minimum amount for membership is € 19.02 for the calendar year.

Contributing more than € 19.02 per year is possible and highly welcomed. Please use the following debiting warrant.

I herewith entitle ZAC e.V. to withdraw the specified amount from my/our account.

Once you have clicked on the “Send” button, you will receive a message which informs you about the successful transfer. If this is not the case, please send us an e-mail.

Bank Details

Volksbank Rhein-Ruhr eG, Duisburg, Germany
IBAN: DE39 3506 0386 1809 5600 07

Our account is a collective account. For donations, which are supposed to be directed to a particular purpose, please specify the intended purpose on the bank transfer form.

We will use your donation only for the specified purpose.