“Bridge of solidarity” for a safe way to school

Lutindi (translated from the Swahili language: “village in the clouds”) consists of five individual villages with a total population of around 3,000 people, from which the children sometimes have to travel long distances to get to the primary school or the newly built secondary school. 

In the rainy season, this route is dangerous for most of the children, because at one point they have to cross the small creek, which can turn into a raging torrent, especially during the two rainy seasons. The last rains have now given the rest to the existing “bridge”, which was defined by the simple laying of loose wooden boards. This “bridge” must be crossed even by smaller vehicles.

The constant efforts of the villagers to get this cobbled-together something not to fall apart permanently voluntarily were often blessed with only short durability. Here, we quickly realized, we needed a solution, and a durable one at that, and one that was specifically safe for the children.

So we gave our ZAC representative in Lutindi, Ombeni, the order to build a solid and thus safe little bridge, which, according to the wish of our supporters from the MSV environment, should be given the meaningful name “Bridge of Solidarity”.

Materials were immediately procured in nearby Korogwe and transported to the mountains, the creek bed was laid at short notice and two stable concrete pipes were laid along the direction of flow of the creek. The whole was then covered with a stable concrete slab and the flanks were again filled with material.

On February 16th, 2021, the “Bridge of Solidarity” was inaugurated with great participation of the community, school children and important political persons.

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