Cooperation with the Hans-Sachs-Berufskolleg

Since 2017, the Hans-Sachs-Berufskolleg (HSBK), Oberhausen has been an important cooperation partner for the ZAC e.V. in the context of the technical planning for the construction and infrastructure of the later children’s village “Angaza Children’s Village in Lutindi / Tanzania.” Headmaster OStD Marc Bücker and ZAC Board of Directors agreed on a sustainable cooperation in 2017. The services of HSBK are carried out pro bono for ZAC e.V..
In July 2017, HSBK’s first working group traveled as part of a project week headed by Dr. Ing. Sascha Geifes (formerly HSBK) to Tanzania, to get an idea of ​​the local conditions and made initial plans.

At the beginning of 2019 Georg F. Terbeck (teacher at HSBK and Dipl. Bau-Ing.) visited the project in replacemet for the former employee Dr. Ing. Geifes with two technician students Lutindi, to the building plot to accurately measure and map. In the ensuing project week of the HSBK, the collected knowledge and a jointly compiled catalog of requirements led to concrete plans for the arrangement of the children’s village and for the on-site explanations, which are to be implemented later in the construction phase.

For the spring of 2020, a new travel delegation of the HSBK to Lutindi is planned to prepare the first construction measures, which should begin in the year with the construction of the first children’s home.

One of several outer views from drafts made by HSBK for a children’s home.







One of several proposed drafts – layout of the children’s home

Layout of the future, two-section assembly hall, designed by engineers of HSBK Oberhausen, finalised in cooperation with our Tanzanian employees on site.