“Transparency is important to us. Therefore, we have joined the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (Transparency International). We are obliged to provide the following 10 pieces of information to the public and update them as required.”

1. Name, location, address and year of establishment
Zebras Active Community e.V. (abbreviated ZAC e.V.)
Located in Duisburg, Germany

Zebras Active Community e.V.
c/o MSV Duisburg e.V.
Westender Straße 36
47138 Duisburg, Germany

Established in 2016

2. Entire articles of association of the registered society including information on the targets/objectives of our organisation
Articles of association
General information of the targets: Building a children’s village for up to 60 specifically neglected children (the majority of which are orphans) including the entire infrastructure and village-owned training workshops.

3. Information on tax concessions
ZAC fulfils the requirements that have been set out as specified in the articles of association of §§ 51, 59, 60 and 61 AO for its purpose to build a children’s village in Tanzania according to the last decree received on May 18th, 2016 according to § 60a section 1 AO of the tax office Duisburg-Nord, Germany (tax number 107/5704/3410 VST).

4. Name and function of main decision makers
To Decision Makers

5. Annual Activity Report (AAR)
The annual activity report is continuously updated and published:
To Annual Activity Report 2016

6. Staff Structure
ZAC works with volunteers and without paid/employed staff.

7. Information on the Source of Funds
ZAC obtains funds from membership fees, supporting fees, object godparenthoods, special-purpose enterprises and donations.
Annual Accounts 2016
Annual Accounts 2017 (not yet available)

8. Information on the Application of Funds
ZAC uses its funds for the direct funding of the purpose as specified in the articles of association.

9. Corporate Affiliations with Third Parties
ZAC does not maintain any corporate affiliations with third parties.

10. Names of persons, the annual payment of which exceed 10% of the overall year budget
Proof 2016
Proof 2017
Proof 2018
Proof 2019
Proof 2020
Proof 2021