Our Tanzanian NGO “Children Base Reinforcement Organization” – Shortform “C.B.R.O.

In order to conduct legal business in Tanzania as ZAC e.V., it required an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) established in the country.

Non Governmental Organizations (NGO/NGO), sometimes referred to as civil societies, are organized at the community, national and international levels to serve specific social or political purposes and are cooperative rather than commercial in nature.

There was the option of entrusting an existing NGO to carry out our tasks, or of creating our own NGO. We opted for our own NGO for practical reasons.

In February 2018, our NGO, named the Children Base Reinforcement Organization (short form “C.B.R.O.”) which was registered with the Ministry of Community and Development, Gender and Children on 19/01/2018 under document number 0009479.  met for its inaugural meeting in Lutindi. 

The current Board of Directors consists of the

  • Chairman of the Board Rogers Shehumu
    (Controller at Lutindi Mental Hospital,
  • Vice Chairman Petro Godson Makange
    (ex World Vision employee),
  • Florence Paulo Shemndolwa
  • Margareth Momburi
    (regional politician),
  • Melkizedek T. Mrema
  • Ombeni Peter Ayo (C.B.R.O. manager).

Our official office is located in the premises of the Lutindi Mental Hospital. After initially moving into a very small office, due to the expansion of our team with our accountant Evaline Vincent Raphael, who has been part of the team since November 2020, there was a move to a larger office in the same building, which we have prepared ourselves.