Annual report fiscal year 2019 (January 1th to December 31th 2019)

Annual report fiscal year 2019 (January 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019)

January 2019
The report required for the upcoming construction works will be prepared by the Tanzanian authority TanRoad and handed to us. The results show that there is nothing standing in the way of development due to the soil conditions.

February 2019
Like last year, the ZAC e.V. participates in the Open House of the Hans-Sachs-Berufskolleg in Oberhausen and presents the progress of the joint project work.

February 2019
The Hans-Sachs-Berufskolleg under the direction of Dipl. Bau-Ing. Georg Terbeck made a project trip to Lutindi / Tanzania in order to carry out an exact survey of the construction site, to map important trees and to define the ideal site for the children’s village. As a result, we are provided with excellent and, above all, informative data and, to our great surprise, informed that the property is not, as expected, 45,000 m² but 90,000 m² in size.

March 2019
The ZAC e.V. will have the opportunity to introduce the children’s village project to the Lions Concordia Duisburg. The same evening, the ZAC receives a donation of 6,185 euros.

April 2019
The ZAC premium partner “Perfacts Marketing und Vertriebs GmbH, Dorsten” will pay ZAC the sum of 1,847 euros as a result of a share in the turnover of one of its sales products.

March 2019
Start of the apple tree project. For the elementary school Lutindi and for the area of ​​the Lutindi mental hospital we were able to acquire 30 apple trees in three variations thanks to individual apple tree sponsorships. In addition, Ombeni Peter Ayo will be introduced to the supplying orchard for two days in the south of the country in rearing and care.

April 2019
Change planning in the ZAC board team. For health reasons, Randolf Jandt resigns from the board team of his own volition. Within the framework of a constitution to be adapted the ZAC eV prepared with Georg F. Terbeck (teacher at the HSBK Oberhausen and Dipl.-Bau-Ing), Katja Zühlsdorf (independent business woman) and Si-yeun Hammerbacher (former honorary employee of the ZAC in Lutindi) Co-option of three new members of the Executive Board subject to the approval of the General Assembly with regard to the change in the Articles of Association required for this purpose.

May 2019
The departing C.B.R.O. CEO Zakaria Mnkai visited us during his stay in Germany for an interesting discussion in Wuppertal about the project work.

June 2019
The Grafschafter Lions Club Moers (GLCM) donates to the ZAC e.V. a PAUL-system (Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving) for the purification of contaminated drinking water for the elementary school Lutindi, because there were always diseases due to contaminated drinking water. The system will be shipped to Tanzania in June.

June 2019
At this year’s Annual General Meeting, the ZAC Board will report on its past activities in 2018 and the club’s results. The Management Board is unanimously discharged. The proposed amendment is adopted unanimously by the general meeting. This clears the way for the co-option of the three new board members mentioned.

July 2019
The acting ZAC board co-opted Georg F. Terbeck, Katja Zühlsdorf and Si-yeun Hammerbacher into the board.

July 2019
Like last year, the ZAC e.V. will be awarded the Town & Country Foundation Prize for its commitment, worth € 1,000

July 2019
The drinking water treatment system arrives in Tanzania and C.B.R.O is awarded the contract to build a solid drinking water treatment station with two additional 500-liter vessels.

August 2019
Start of the Lutindi Cultivation Cooperative. The ZAC e.V. provides land plots for a total of 30 single-parent women on its own land, finances seeds, farm implements and field shoes, so that women can feed themselves in the future without dependencies and sell possible surpluses on the regional market. The women pick up the work immediately and plant corn in the first step, in the second step, various vegetables are grown.

September 2019
Start of the first ZAC charity golf tournament. On the initiative of Ronny Jasinski, law firm on the Kaiserberg, Duisburg, and ZAC Vice Thomas Maaßen a golf tournament in favor of the ZAC is aligned on the golf course “Golf & More” in Duisburg Huckingen. As a result, the ZAC e.V. is left with 4,250 euros in net proceeds for the project work.

September 2019
The evang. Church Duisburg-Rumeln (Weltladen) donates 2,000 euros for the purchase of 10 sewing machines for Lutindi.

December 2019
At the end of 2019, there was a significantly higher level of donations than in previous years. Krohne Messtechnik GmbH, Duisburg, donates 3,000 euros, the publisher Beleke GmbH, Essen, donates 1,000 euros and the families Schulte / Fisser (Duisburg, Essen, Bottrop, Olpe) donate a complete children’s home with a total value of 10,000 euros.

List of companies and individual that contributed to more than 10% of the overall donations in the fiscal year 2019:

Lions Hilfswerk Duisburg-Concordia e.V., Duisburg                                    Euro 6.185,00

Perfacts Marketing + Vertriebs GmbH, Dorsten                                           Euro 1.847,10

Grafschafter Lions Club, Moers                                                                   Euro 1.309,00

Town & Contry Stiftung, Hörselberg-Hainrich                                              Euro 1.000,00

Evang. Kirche Duisburg-Rumeln (Weltladen)                                              Euro 2.000,00

Krohne Messtechnik GmbH, Duisburg                                                         Euro 3.000,00

Verlag Beleke GmbH, Essen                                                                       Euro 1.000,00

Caroline Schulte, Duisburg                                                                          Euro 2.000,00

Dr. Simone Schulte, Essen                                                                          Euro 2.000,00

Markus Fisser, Duisburg                                                                              Euro 2.000,00

Margarethe Schulte, Olpe                                                                            Euro 2.000,00

Helmut Schulte, Essen                                                                                 Euro 2.000,00

Rheintank GmbH, Duisburg                                                                         Euro 2.000,00

Minutes of the ZAC annual general meeting of 29.10.2020

Place: Protestant parish hall Magdalenenstr. 12 in Duisburg-Beek
Date/Beginning: 29.10.2020 at 19.02
Persons present: 5, of which 5 are entitled to vote

Agenda items:
1. Greeting by the chairman of the board
2. Determination of the proper convening and quorum of the general meeting
3. Approval of the items on the agenda by the Chairman of the Management Board
4. Annual Report of the Board of Directors for the 2019 financial year
5. Annual Report of the Chief Financial Officer for the financial year 2019
6. Report of the cash auditors
7. Discharge of the executive committee
8. Discharge of the Chief Financial Officer
9. New elections of the executive committee
10. New election of the cash auditors
11. Miscellaneous / pronunciation

To 1:
Holger Glücks, chairman of the board, welcomed those present and opened the JHV.

To 2:
The chairman of the board established that the meeting had been convened in a proper and timely manner and that a quorum was present.

To 3:
The chairman of the board approved the given agenda

To 4:
Dre CEO gave the members a detailed report on all activities of the association in the 2019 fiscal year as well as on all decisions made and events that occurred, staggered by the individual reporting months. These can be read in detail on the association’s own website at in the submenu “Transparency”, “Annual Report 2019”.

To 5:
Due to the absence of the Chief Financial Officer, the Chairman of the Executive Board provided a detailed overview of the association’s most important income and expenditure in the financial report. The main income was donations from various donors and membership fees. The largest expenditure factors were planned individual projects and the fee costs for our Tanzanian honorary member Ombeni Peter Ayo. The association’s account showed a credit balance of 75,796.71 on the reporting date 31.12.2019.
Detailed information on the booked income and expenses can be found on our website in the submenu “Transparency”, “Income Expenditure Surplus Statement”.

To 6:
Thomas Maaßen, Deputy Chairman of the Board, read out the cash and voucher audit report in the absence of the two cash auditors, which in the end did not give rise to any objections to the proper and proper keeping of the vouchers and documents. A correct use of the funds in accordance with the purpose of the statutes was confirmed.

To 7:
The chairman of the executive board applied for the discharge of the executive board. The executive committee was unanimously discharged by the general meeting.

To 8:
The chairman of the executive board applied for the discharge of the cash auditors / financial director. The vote resulted in a unanimous discharge.

To 9:
With the planned elections of the executive committee the acting executive committee was confirmed unanimously in a block election for two further years in the office. There were no new candidates for the executive committee work. Those elected accepted the election.

To 10:
The acting cash auditors Imke Glücks, Sevelen and Thomas Hufer, Geldern, were unanimously appointed by the general meeting for two further years. There were no new candidates for this office. The elected had already given their consent in advance.

In the ensuing discussion, the main focus of the debate was on the conditions under which the planned start of construction in 2021 can be maintained in view of the corona pandemic.
Georg Terbeck, member of the Board of Management and teacher at HSBK Oberhausen, has reservations as to whether it will be possible to fly with the delegation to Tanzania as early as February 2021 due to the pandemic, and whether the responsibility for the accompanying technician students can be borne by the delegation. The clarification of this point is urgent and will be on the agenda at the next board meeting, as the start of the construction work is directly dependent on it.

In connection with the planned start of construction, Thomas Maaßen proposed to prepare a forecast for the costs to be approved for the first construction phase and the first year of operation of the Children’s Village at a special board meeting at the beginning of next year. This should also determine which capital security reserves should remain in the association’s account.

Holger Glücks explained the sense of the infrastructural measures carried out so far for the community of Lutindi, which run parallel to our construction plans. On the one hand, he cited the creation of acceptance among the citizens of Lutindi for the Children’s Village project, because with these programs, ZAC e.V. is an important employer in Lutindi. In addition, ZAC e.V. always remains in contact with potential sponsors and supporters with attractive programs and successes and even achieves monetary surpluses through project-related individual donations.

The consultancy contract with Ombeni Peter Ayo, which ends on 31.12.2020, is to be extended for a further two years with an adjustment to the inflation rate in Tanzania.

The Board of Directors thanked the General Meeting for attending on the occasion of the difficult circumstances.

The JHV ended at 21.15 hrs.
signed. Holger Luck
Chairman of the Board
Duisburg, 29.10.2020


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