Individual Donations

Make individual donations of any amount and determine the way in which you would like to support our children’s village project.

Up to € 200.00, you only need the transfer voucher for the financial authorities to make your donation tax-deductible .
When you donate more than € 300, we will be glad to issue a donation receipt (only for German donators).

Please transfer your individual donation to our account, specifying ‘Individual Donation ZAC Umbele Children’s Village” as reference.


Use the certified online donation form from HelpDirect, by clicking on the picture on the left. You are directly forwarded to the donation form.  For supporting us, you will get your very own personal donation certificate as a little “Thank you” in a separate e-mail. A small reminder for your good deed.



If you have a PayPal account, you can alternatively place your donation by clicking on the donation button below.