Bee Project

Those who say “A” like apple trees should also, like logic, say “B” like bees. Therefore, we decided to start an independent bee project in Lutindi in addition to the planting of 100 apple trees.

Because of this knowledge is necessary, we will determine a “bee responsible” from Lutindi, who is dedicated to the project content. In nearby Lushoto apprentice beekeepers are offered every year. At the earliest possible date, we send our “bee responsible person”, who can be certified as a beekeeper there on the occasion of such training.
The costs are borne by the ZAC. As well as for the acquisition of the necessary beekeeping equipment and for the first bee colony, which we can get from a nearby village near Lutindi.

The beehives will later be on our property and looked after by the locals. The harvested honey should be distributed to one third of the children in the local kindergarten as a dietary supplement, one third serve as a source of income for the / the beekeepers and one third make a more idealistic financial contribution to our children’s village project.
In addition to honey production, we also make the pollination of apple trees a little safer with this side project and create jobs.

It was also interesting to learn that there are mostly stingless bee colonies in Tanzania (so-called Melipolini). In contrast to our native honey collectors, the “female soldiers” of this genus defend their nests with an acid substance.