Our Object Godparents

Kapellmann und Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB, Mönchengladbach, überregional tätige und bekannte Kanzlei für Baurecht, hat die Objektpatenschaft für ein Kinderhaus (das Kapellmann-Haus), Teil der Bauphase I, übernommen.

FIEGE Logistik Stiftung & Co.KG, Greven, foundation of the internationally operating Fiege Group, one of the leading European contract service providers, has assumed full sponsorship of the property for the energy house.

Michael Plängsken, Wesel, takes over the object sponsorship for the roofed playground in the children’s village.

Krohne Messtechnik GmbH, a company with great tradition that located in Duisburg since 1921, donated the total plan costs for the construction of the storage room, which is part of building phase I.

Hargreaves raw material services GmbH and the Eller family from Duisburg have donated the complete total plan costs for the water supply of the village as well as one of the children’s homes for 12 children, which are part of building phase I.

The Grafschafter Lions Club Moers (GLCM) donated the complete plan costs for turning the village into a green space, which is part of building phase III.

The costs for the soil assessment were taken over by Katja and Jens Zühlsdorf, Dinslaken, which is part of building phase I.

The waste water basin was donated by Perfacts GmbH, Dorsten.

The fans of the MSV Duisburg collected for the construction of the village meeting point copper and other euro coins, which is part of building phase II and allowed the construction of the sports field for the C.B.R.O. LUTINDI FC and for the two schools of the municipality Lutindi, which is building phase III.

Families Schulte / Fisser, Duisburg, Bottrop, Olpe, Essen, took over the project sponsorship for a children’s home, part of construction phase I.

Rainer Pastoor, Duisburg, has taken a 50% share to build the garage/ tool shed, part of construction phase II.