Annual report 2016 as well as accounting on a cash basis 2016

Annual report fiscal year 2016 (April 13th, 2016 to December 31st, 2016)

On February 13th, 2016, Zebras Active Community e.V. (hereinafter referred to as ZAC e.V.) has been established by eight (8) founding member during a foundation assembly. Holger Glücks (chairperson) and Thomas Maasen (deputy chairperson) had been elected as persons authorised to represent the registered association. ZAC e.V. has given itself articles of association and some procedural rules. ZAC has been entered into force upon registration in the register of associations in March 2016. The preliminary recognition of the benefit to the public by the tax office has been carried out in the meantime by the tax office Duisburg-Nord, Germany.

The aim of ZAC is to build a children’s village including infrastructure and training workshops for impaired children in Tanzania. The forecast for the overall project, which only refers to the mere construction costs, requires capital needs in the amount of approximately EUR 300,000, which should be collected by means of donations from medium-sized businesses and the industry. These costs have been estimated on the basis of a reference project in Tanzania.

In a first step, all administration matters, which make operational handling possible, starting with building an Internet web space, printing letterheads have been performed by volunteers.

In the next step, meetings were held with the Freundeskreis Bagamoyo Ahlen (so-called circle of friends) with which a friendly and consulting cooperation could be concluded. The circle of friends is charitable organisation and works in Tanzania itself and has valuable experience regarding building planning and building in the country. Thanks to the circle of friends, we got in touch with the wife of the administrative head of the Lutindi Mental Hospital, Si-yeun Hammerbacher, who has now become a valuable member, helping us on site in Tanzania. Si-yeun helped us to get the site transferred to ZAC e.V. free of charge. Si-yeun got in touch with the biggest and regional Tanzanian employer MeTL-Group. MeTL-Group has been so kind to transfer a 45,000 m² site for building the children’s village in an area of the Usambara mountains at an altitude of 1,240 meters above sea level, free of charge. The final, legally binding transfer could not take place earlier than 2017 once a Tanzanian NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) had been established. This had been completed in the first quarter of 2017.

For the initial funding, a dinner night was held where legends (former MSV Duisburg players from the team that started in the newly established Bundesliga in 1963) were auctioned on behalf of the project (turnover approximately EUR 2,800) and PR as started as well. The ZAC web space was enriched by further information and some well-known individuals from Duisburg started talking about the ZAC project.

The largest costs (900 Euros) were accrued in 2016 for printing and sending flyers to about 1,000 regional medium-sized businesses to make them more acquainted with ZAC e.V. and its project and to receive donations and to obtain new members. The result has been more or less convincing. The so-called ZAC handout, a very sophisticatedly designed information brochure for potential object godparenthoods and large sponsors, was created and printed by members of ZAC, free of charge. We obtained some donations, among which are large donations for some of the offered object godparenthoods. In 2016, we obtained the first sixteen (16) members and two (2) supporting members, only a small step towards the 150 required members. Member fees and supporting member fees are intended to finance the operating costs of the children’s village in future. A total of EUR 25,500 could be achieved in 2016. Fiscal advice has been given to ZAC e.V. thanks to the voluntary help of Angelika R. Liening (tax consultant).

The 2016 annual account can be taken from the section underneath the annual report 2016. One of our highest esteemed principle is to make our work as transparent as possible. This is so that our members, supporters and donators have a clear view on how we source and apply our funds. Transparency means trust.

Duisburg, 30.03.2017
Holger Glücks