Annual report fiscal year 2018 (January 01th, 2016 to December 31st, 2018)

Annual report fiscal year 2018 (January 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2018)

At the center of all activities, and thus the focus for the 2018 financial year, was the founding of a Tanzanian NGO as the basis for all future legal transactions in Tanzania. In particular, for the final contractual arrangement with the MeTL Group on the lease of the building plot in the Usambara Mountains in an area of ​​45,000 m², which would not be possible without an NGO.

January 2018
On 19.01.2018 the ZAC founded the Tanzanian NGO (Non Governmental Organization) in the state ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children as a general requirement for the construction of a children’s village in Tanzania as well as all other legal transactions. The NGO was registered as a “Children Base Reinforcement Organization”, short form “C.B.R.O.” based in Lutindi / Tanga.

February 2018
The ZAC board took part in an open-house of the Hans-Sachs-Berufskolleg (HSBK) in Oberhausen and presented the results of the cooperation with the HSBK to an interested audience, especially those from the working trip of a HSBK delegation Lutindi in November 2017.

February 2018
In February 2018, the future board of our Tanzanian NGO was formed. In the honorary active executive committee were selected:
Zakaria Mnkai (CEO)
Petro G. Makange (Deputy Chairman)
Rogers Shehumu (Member of the Board)
Florence Shemndolwa (Member of the Board)
Peter Ombeni Oyo (Member of the Board) and sole honorary employee in function as Chief-Coordinator of ZAC e.V. in Tanzania.

March 2018
Opening of a Tanzanian bank account in Korogwe to handle business in the country. The account is approved by the Board of C.B.R.O. guided locally on the basis of the four-eye principle and exclusively according to our instructions.
Transfers from VB’s German ZAC account to the Tanzanian NGO account will, as far as possible, only be carried out on a quarterly basis as of autumn 2018, for cost-saving reasons.

March 2018
The ZAC e.V. opens its own Facebook account in order to reach even more people in addition to its own Internet presence and to increase the chances of further members, supporters or property sponsors. In the same month the C.B.R.O. in Tanzania also has its own Facebook account.

April 2018
The ZAC homepage is now bilingual and will be available in English later. In the next step, the option of choosing the third language, Swahili, is planned.

April 2018
The ZAC e.V. founded with the C.B.R.O. as a project ambassador a football team of its own, consisting of a first and a second team, which in the future under the name “C.B.R.O. LUTINDI FC ” will play games against other regional Tanzanian teams. A total of 25 players from the 5 villages of the village community Lutindi were selected for their own two teams at a separate viewing day in Lutindi. The C.B.R.O. LUTINDI FC has been officially registered.

May 2018
Fans of the MSV Duisburg collected money for the equipment of the C.B.R.O. Lutindi FC and thus contributed a total of 25 pairs of football boots to equip the players who were purchased in the country. The supplier of the MSV Duisburg, Capelli, represented by Kay Mourheg, donated 25 complete jerseys, which were printed in honorary work free of charge by the shop team of MSV Duisburg under the direction of Christian Tölle with the logo, the numbers and the club name.

June 2018
One of the requirements of founding our Tanzanian NGO was the presence of a physical office. We were able to reach an agreement with the Tanzanian Evangelical Lutheran Church on the renting of a space that is appropriate and sufficient for our purposes in the premises of the Lutindi Mental Hospital. For the equivalent of € 3.75 per month, we rented this space on a long-term basis, renovated it ourselves and equipped it with the necessary operational facilities. A table, two chairs, some paint and some office utensils have barely charged in terms of cost.

June 2018
The ZAC e.V. was once again awarded the Town & Country Foundation Prize this year, which was endowed with a donation of € 1,000.00.

June 2018
The 12-month collection campaign of copper coins, which expired in June 2018, was once again considered a success. Overall, the collection community of fans collected an amount of 1,572.07 euros. The Mülheim S-Cash Logistics has carried out the automatic counting of the coins and their exchange free of charge as every year so also this year. In addition, separate donations totaling 878.00 euros were received as part of this campaign, with the result that the 2017/2018 campaign brought in a total of 2,578.07 euros for the project. In the same month, the copper money campaign 2018/2019 was launched on an enlarged scale. It is now not limited more to the collection of copper money.

August 2018
Meeting with the C.B.R.O. Executive Board member Florence Shemndolwa in Duisburg and intensive exchange on the project and the environment in Lutindi.

September 2018
After lengthy and very difficult negotiations, after two years of discussions and formulations between the Tanzanian MeT-Group, the largest Tanzanian employer and landowner, and us (through our NGO C.B.R.O.), a legally binding contract for the free use of the land for our construction project was concluded. The contract provides for the provision of 45.000m² of building land in Lutindi and describes the terms of use. Registration in the Tanzanian Basic Register has been initiated.

October 2018
The construction of a sports field / football field, planned in our construction phase 3, was brought forward. This sports ground will be on the one hand the C.B.R.O.LUTINDI FC as well as the students of the two schools in Lutindi available (previously not available). This planning has met with a great response from the municipality of Lutindi. The villagers redirected a stream as a preparatory work on the planned area. Fans of the MSV Duisburg have collected in a spontaneous fundraising collection for the necessary, machine straightening of the area required amount of a total of € 1,330.00 (renting a grader).

November 2018
The necessary ground survey was commissioned by the state-owned TanRoad, after a new cost estimate was obtained. The total cost amounted to 1,650.00 euros, which were taken over in full by the Dinslakener engineering and planning office Zühlsdorf in the context of an object sponsorship to 100%.

November 2018
Following a unanimous decision of the Board of Directors, the provisional project name “Umbele Village” was transferred to the final village name “Angaza Children’s Village” (Angaza translates as “bright spots”) proposed by the C.B.R.O. board. This name will be maintained internally and externally in all publications and official documents.

November 2018
ZAC e.V. awarded the order to C.B.R.O for the partial clearing of the heavily smoked building site due to the pending execution of the soil assessment. Accessibility had to be guaranteed. Some Tanzanian day laborers completed the work within 10 days. Total cost around 300.00 euros.

December 2018
The construction of a village sports field was completed as the first major project of the ZAC in Lutindi. As a prelude to the upcoming planing helped the entire village in the laying of a stream. Then the ground level was leveled with a bulldozer. The remaining work will be taken over again by the village community. This will give the two schools of the village and the C.B.R.O. Lutindi FC have their own sports field available.

December 2018
In FY 2018, only 8 new memberships and 1 sponsoring membership were registered. This is a significant decline compared to the previous years.
In total, seven memberships and 48 active memberships have been received by ZAC e.V. since its founding until 31.12.2018. Two resignations of members were recorded in 2018 and thus in total since the founding of the association.
The number of donations also declined significantly compared to 2017 and 2018. This is mainly attributable to the fact that the takeover of property sponsorships, which was too low in 2018, had significantly increased the average donation received in previous years through large individual donations. Here, it is important to lay the main activities and efforts of the entire Executive Board in 2019.
The account balance of the club at the VB Duisburg was reported on December 31, 2017 at 40,984.48 euros and at 31.12.2018 at 45,978.56 euros.

Duisburg, 31.12.2018
Holger Glücks


Report of the ZAC Annual General Meeting of 18.06.2019

Location: Evangelisches Gemeindehaus Magdalenenstr. 12 in Duisburg-Beek
Date / Start: 18.06.2019 at 19.02 clock
Present persons: 11, of which 10 have voting rights

Agenda items:

1. Welcome by the CEO
2. Determination of the proper convocation and the quorum of the general meeting
3. Annual Report of the Management Board for the financial year 2018
4. Annual Report of the Chief Financial Officer for the financial year 2018
5. discharge of the board
6. Discharge of the CFO
7. Request for amendments to the statutes * / **
8. Other / debate

* Amendment 1 to the existing statutes

New paragraph to §7, paragraph 6,
The existing board can complement itself by co-option. Co-opted board members are appointed to the board for a two-year term. After expiry of the two-year membership of the Executive Board, they can be co-opted again. The maximum number of co-opted board members is limited to 3 persons.

** Amendment 2 to the existing statutes
Precision §5, paragraph 2
§ 5 Termination of Memberships
(1) Membership ends by voluntary withdrawal or expulsion.
(2) Resignation shall be effected by written declaration to the Executive Board at the end of the current financial year.

To 1:
The CEO welcomed the attendees and opened the JHV.

To 2:
The Chairman of the Board of Directors determined the orderly and punctual convening of the meeting and its quorum.

To 3:
Thomas Maassen, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, gave the members a detailed report on all the activities of the association that took place in the 2018 financial year, as well as on all decisions taken and events that had occurred, broken down by the individual reporting months. These can be found on the club’s website at in the submenu “Transparency”, “Annual Report 2018” in detail.

To 4:
Thomas Hufer, the chosen cash auditor, read the cash and document verification report, which did not result in any objections to the proper and orderly conduct of the documents and documents. A correct and proper use of the funds was confirmed.
Margit Suhr as CFO subsequently gave a detailed overview of the most important income and expenses of the association in her financial report. The main revenues were donations from different donors as well as membership fees. The largest expenditure factors were planned individual projects and the fee costs for our Tanzanian honorary power Ombeni Peter Ayo. The club account had a balance of 40,984.48 as of 31.12.2018.
Detailed information about the booked income and expenses can be found on our website in the sub-menu “Transparency”, “Revenue-Expense-Surplus Statement” (availability depending on the date of completion at the executing tax consultancy).

To 5:
In the following vote, the board was unanimously discharged.

To 6:
In the following vote, the treasurer / CFO was unanimously exonerated.

To 7:
The two amendments to the statutes were unanimously approved in their verbiage.

To 8:
Following the official part of the JHV two screenings were shown. Markus Visser and life partner Caro, who visited Lutindi in January 2018, presented an emotional and interesting report on the country and its people.
Georg Terbeck, teacher at the HSBK Oberhausen and Dipl. Bau-Ing., Reports with a very informative picture on the findings of the inspection and measurement of the building plot in Lutindi as well as planning examples for village design.

Afterwards there was a lively discussion about the pictures shown.

The JHV ended at 9:30 pm.

signed Holger Glücks
Duisburg, 20.06.2019


List of companies and individual that contributed to more than 10% of the overall donations in the fiscal year 2018:

Rheintank GmbH, Duisburg                                                                           2.000,– Euro

Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh; Duisburg                                                           3.000,– Euro

Ingenieur- und Planungsbüro Zühlsdorf, Dinslaken                                      1.650,– Euro

Town & Country Stiftung, Hörselberg-Hainbach                                            1.000,– Euro