Key figures, logs, reports fiscal year 2017

Annual report fiscal year 2017 (January 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2017)

The most important targets for the fiscal year 2017 have been the expansion of the member figures (members/supporters – we require a basis of at least 150 members until the end of the third construction phase in order to cover the overheads of the children’s village), acquisition of object godparents, further increase of donations as well as the legal hedge of the site promised by the Tanzanian MeTL Group.

January 2017: The Grafschafter Lions Club Moers, Germany, represented by its president Roland Schaffer, overtake the object godparenthood for the village greening, part of construction phase III.

March 2017: First annual general meeting of the ZAC e.V. in the club tavern of MSV Duisburg. The managing committee informs the members about the statement and reports on the progress in the project work. The managing committee is discharged.
Si-yeun Hammerbacher will become honorary co-worker of ZAC e.V. in Lutindi (her spouse is head of the Lutindi Mental Hospital). Her main target is to obtain the legal hedge of the site. Ms Hammerbacher has also received the commitment from the Tanzanian authority that grants a basic building license for the children’s village in Lutindi.

May 2017: Hargraves raw material services GmbH, a company located in Duisburg and the Eller family overtake the object godparenthood and thus the complete costs for the erection of the water supply of the children’s village and the construction of one children home.

May 2017: MSV Duisburg holds an auction (traditional market), the revenue of which will be granted to the ZAC project with a 10% share. More than EUR 2,800 have been distributed. MSV Duisburg’s donation will be used for a specified purpose (object godparenthood of the gatehouse/property protection).

June 2017: ZAC e.V. is awarded the foundation price 2017 of the Town & Country foundation which is remunerated with EUR 1,000.

Cooperation agreement settled into with the Hans-Sachs-Berufskolleg (HSBK) (technical college) Oberhausen, Germany. HSBK plans the technical parameters required for the construction of the children’s village within the scope of the college engineer training on a voluntary basis. This includes, among other things, the drafting of the most optimal layout of the houses and the exterior view, including structural engineering calculation, determination of the most beneficial building materials, the creation of a cross-country tread and inspection of the site regarding the most ideal development on site in Tanzania. Close cooperation between HSBK and ZAC e.V. HSBK will also support the later qualification of Tanzanian apprentices, which will be trained in the ZAC workshops on site.

July 2017: ZAC e.V. starts a copper coin collection frenzy with MSV Duisburg (a collection point will be located in the club’s shop) and S-Bargeldlogistik, Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany, which converts the coins into “real” money free of charge. The frenzy is scheduled to run until at least May 2018.

August 2017: ZAC e.V. from now on uses social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter for its public relations activities.

The honorary work of Ms. Hammerbacher ceases as she returns with her family to Germany. Her tasks will be taken over by the two honorary employees Ombeni-Peter Ayo (teacher in Lutindi) and Petro Gledson Makange (former manager at World Vision). Both have an excellent network in the region. Ms. Hammerbacher remains with us as a consulting and voluntary employee in Germany.

September 2017: First meeting of the ZAC circle of friends (members, supporters, object godparents) at the MSV Duisburg’s club tavern. Roland Schaffer presented the PAUL system, which can be used to turn waste water into drinking water without much effort and in a reliable way. ZAC e.V. plans to buy two of these PAUl aggregates for the children’s village.

November 2017: The Duisburg-based travel company Schauinsland-Reisen GmbH donates 30 overhauled PCs and corresponding LCD monitors. These are to become a part of the “Lutindi Education Project”. In the scope of this project, the primary and secondary schools are to be equipped with modern teaching materials. A huge step for this region.

The MeTL Group’s management informed us that, owing to legal reasons, it requires a Tanzanian NGO as contractual partner for the transfer of the 45,000 sqm construction site. The establishment of a Tanzanian NGO will be task to be completed in the first quarter of 2018.

The governmental “TanRoad” organisation requires us to provide a soil expertise in order to be allowed to start construction on the offered building site. Petro G. Makange managed to obtain special conditions for this in Dar es Salaam for ZAC e.V. Therefore, the costs will for this will be only EUR 1,800 instead of EUR 3,600
A delegation of three pupils, accompanied by Dr. Ing. Sascha Geifes from HSBK flies to Tanzania/Lutindi for one week, partially financed by ZAC e.V. On site, they will analyse, measure and map the premises, will develop construction recommendations and will look for suitable building materials. The results will be presented to ZAC e.V. in December 2018.

Krohne Messtechnik GmbH, Duisburg will become an object godparent and will bear the costs for the construction of a storage room, which is part of the first construction phase.

December 2017: Whereas the fiscal year of 2016 only listed 18 members, the number of members had been raised in 2017 to 45 members.

Summary: The majority of the aims set for the fiscal year 2017 has been accomplished. The number of members has risen to a significant level. Only the number of donations showed a poor performance in 2017. This might have been due to insufficient public media activities as not all facts and figures could be presented to the public. For 2018, a social media project is planned to increase the public’s awareness for ZAV e.V. On December 31st, 2017, the bank account of ZAC e.V. showed a credit of EUR 40,984.48. Fiscal advice had again been given to ZAC e.V. thanks to the voluntary help of Angelika R. Liening (tax consultant).

Duisburg, February 28th, 2018

Holger Glücks


List of companies and individual that contributed to more than 10% of the overall donations in the fiscal year 2016:

Volksbank Rhein-Ruhr eG
Am Innenhafen 8-10
47059 Duisburg, Germany                                                                                EUR 2,000

Eller family
Duisburg, Germany                                                                                           EUR 5,000

Hargreaves raw material Services GmbH
Böningerstr. 29
47051 Duisburg, Germany                                                                                EUR 5,000

Arnold Hollerbach Grundstücks- und Vermögensverwaltung e.K.
Hans-Scheibel-Str. 4
74736 Hardheim, Germany                                                                               EUR 1,000

Baris Özbek
Vöhdeweg 40a
44577 Castrop-Rauxel, Germany                                                                     EUR 2,500

MSV Duisburg e.V.
Margaretenstr. 5-7
47055 Duisburg, Germany                                                                                EUR 2,378

Krohne Messtechnik GmbH
Ludwig-Krohne-Str. 5
47058 Duisburg, Germany                                                                                EUR 4,500

Rheintank GmbH
August-Hirsch-Str. 3
47119 Duisburg, Germany                                                                                EUR 2,000

Town & Country Stiftung
Hauptstr. 90e
99820 Hörselberg-Hainbach, Germany                                                            EUR 1,000