The Usambara zebras as regional ambassadors

In April 2018, together with our friends from our Tanzanian non-governmental organization C.B.R.O. ( Children Base Reinforcement Organization) in Lutindi we decided to found their own football team, which was registered after a certain player selection process as a regional sports ambassador of our project.

C.B.R.O. LUTINDI FC was founded.

The equipment of the team with two complete jersey sets took over the jersey supplier of MSV Duisburg, the US-American supplier “Capelli”. Fans of the MSV Duisburg donated money for the purchase of 25 pairs of football boots. The enthusiasm of the new team was great. There was a spontaneous dance of joy when the jerseys and shoes arrived.

But playing football also requires a decent football field. The existing field was almost unplayable, so we decided to finance and build a proper sports field for the community Lutindi.

This should also be used by the two schools of the place for school sports. In October 2018, the first work began on the new sports field. A stream had to be redirected by hand. The whole village has volunteered and implemented this project.

November 2018 – Diverting of the creek

Dezember 2018 – Field leveling starts

Continued construction of sports field Sept. 2020 after destruction by severe storms in fall 2019.